A way to test my wards and shields without getting hurt?

How can this be done? I just started a new job and want to make sure they’re set in place.


Make a thoughtform to mimic whatever energy they’re supposed to guard against, and have it report on them without dropping any payload if/when it gets through.


So how would I make a thoughtform against psychic attacks, vampirism, and love spells?

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If you’ve no clue just ask a few entities to get involved in the process of making or training of this being.


Pulse the web and see if the wards respond.


If it’s a physical energetic ward make a servitor construct try and interact with it or have a friend you know scan it.

If it’s a mental ward get a thoughtform as they’re useless on actual energy wards. They can’t leave the astral/mental space so they can’t interact with a energetic ward.


Throw them at someone. If they are strong… well I won’t spoil the fun that results from that.


wards/shields aren’t exactly something you throw lol. Wrong subject and application.


Wards and shields keep things out but if the signature of what you throw them at does not match what they are suppose to protect it results in quite a bit of fun. For example I have over my threshold a barrier that none of my roommates can even lift a finger across except those I let in… just imagine if I threw that barrier at one of the ones I don’t let in. Got to experiment and not be held back by mainstream definitions of how something should work otherwise there will be no discovery or innovation.


The thing is you don’t throw shields and wards lol, they’re immobile at best, you can throw things at a ward or shield but you do not throw a ward or shield, it’s not exactly being held back by “mainstream definitions” it’s more that that’s literally not how they work. That’s like saying throwing a wall at someone, wards are a type of shield that is usually used to protect an area (immobile) and shields are used to protect an object or person which is only mobile around the one it’s put around.

You can throw an attack at a ward/shield but you can’t throw something that is meant to be immobile/protect an area lol, logic is still needed when being innovative, not completely changing the purpose of something. Once you go into changing it’s entire function it’s no longer what it was actually meant to be i.e a ward/shield.


Personal experience begs to differ. Considering that even wards are not immobile after all those locations are hurtling through space at about a thousand miles per hour.

Though here is a fun experiment if you can craft a suitable shield with enough coherency. Make a very strong shield that repels the energy of others and then go to public place and violently expand its area around yourself. Next attach it to a thought and move the thought through a crowd of people. That fits in with your definition, it is a shield that repels people and it is protecting something, the thought, that you have chosen to move through people.

That is a bit of a convoluted way to see it but keep in mind that physical shields have been used to beat the ever living shit out of people in a maneuver called the shield bash.


Then it’s no longer a ward or shield. Changing the entire purpose and meaning, I might as well call a bed a car since we’re switching things up lol.

But no a physical shield is not the same as an energetic shield an energetic shield is usually something similar to a bubble shield, a reflective shield etc around the body. Not a literal shield you run into war with, you can make one but it’s limited in comparison to the aforementioned which shields the entire body and a ward is not the same as the shield you mentioned or an energetic shield, a ward is a larger scale.

But no thanks, I’m already efficient in shielding and warding my shielding is internal and wraps around my energy body, so it’s no need.

But yeah this is my last response I need to sleep now. Goodnight :crescent_moon:


I guess it is just a matter of sophistication then.