A very late Elven greeting

Hi everyone!

I know it’s super late but I have something very exciting (imo) to share! It’s taken a short while but I’ve finally convinced my best friend to come out and say hello after many eons of silence. He’s an high elf from another dimension and after learning of how some of you are interested in the elven culture, he felt the need to say hello and offering a blessing to everyone who wishes to receive it. I couldn’t get him to release his elven name to everyone as he only gives to certain people so we shall use the alias “Elrond”. So wherever you see Elrond, that’s in place of his true name. He hasn’t been interested into speaking to people for a few centuries so I hope you guys really enjoy what he has to say!

The following messages are from him and are in the high elven tongue. (I’ll translate below that)

Antonina nekromikon Elrond prekomeenondie itomalliema fleticio eesamakoma Chi nachimon maskruahndia temesda tumanida wrogak nakamocio

Kaminyngorawyndyll nyteecio elimerandyr

Elrond powlameenokon nystikamia lotscio donneemonka lovietey

Hello, black magicians. I’m aware that some of you are interested in the elven language and culture. Chi has asked me to say hello to you in my tongue and although it has been many eons since i have greeted this world, I’m glad many of you are interested in my culture.

The elven language is a magical but simple language to learn. Much passion and feeling are put forth into thought and tongue.

I know that some of you may find it hard to figure out your path and I know this journey is a long and lonely one but I give you my blessings to go forth and prosper into your power.


I have no clue why that’s bolded, sorry!

I did figure out why but I think that’s a good way to leave it.

Im super interested in elves o.O
Where can i learn more

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Random thoughts

Elchfelhiok ramichok ekromndah

No idea

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I’ll have to ask him if he’s ok sharing more.

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To him, he read that two ways.

Thanks / you’re confused on the grammar structure he used.


I’ve no idea what it means I hear random sounds like what I said earlier, often. It sounds like a language but that was louder when I read your post

he wonders if it’s possible you have high elven blood.

Is he from Alfheim or somewhere else if you don’t mind me asking

He’s not from this world’s dimension of elves. So no.

His words, not mine.

Interesting I actually have an elven spirit (I hope he doesn’t find this offensive) that I acquired awhile ago she’s a high elf

It wasn’t a forceful bind it was a freedom of choice I believe

I’m not bound to him, actually. We’re really just best friends but honestly, I doubt that’d offend him.

Ah I see I didn’t mean to imply I’m honestly not sure why I mentioned it other then it might have been her poking me to get on and read this lol

Did she understand what he said?

Idk I have had her for awhile I never really talk to her she’s just kind of here doing her own thing

:joy: well if she’s around sometime, ask her!

I put the ring she’s bound to to my third eye and I heard a faint “yes”

He’ll be happy to know that.

Maybe they should get together and have a chat eh? Lol

Holy shit that language is powerful!
Hell yeah @chi :metal:
Awesome Job

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