A very erotic test (?) from Sitri (and a WONDERFUL message) 💞

Hm… today I’ve bought 10 type of essence oils and incenses. I put them next to the others (~10). I picked up 2 of them, absolutely randomly, and both of them was Mint and Peppermint, Sitri’s loved ones (there was only 2 mint between them). What a coincidence.

My brother just came into my room and the fragrance of them hits his nose. Hi is dead now. :rofl::wine_glass: )

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And our “relationship” is hit a new level?


I don’t know what should I do with these sudden “messages” via telepathy, intuitions from Them and others, but I’ve got 5 sigils in my room covered with blood already (within a month).

Everything is went insane.


Noticed your profile location states you live in the Abyss. What a coincidence because I had put the same on mine before seeing your profile. See you there honeybunny😈


A few unholy Warrior from The Abyss are got asked to come down here to purge some worthless mortals, reshape the physycal world then go back to their damned homeland, embraced by fire, blood and ashes. :fire::volcano:


Some days ago I wanted to change my location something romantic like:
Between XY thighs :revolving_hearts::tongue: - for example. :roll_eyes:
( My last visit happened last night with Lucifer, so… it would be legit, but if I want to be more precise, I should change it every day. :laughing:)


That’s HOT :fire: :smiling_imp::eggplant::peach::sweat_drops: Pleasure to make your acquaintance, and yes change it one day to something sultry to symbolize your hedonistic delight​!


what is the most reliable void meditation you use?

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Send me a PM, @13lueGemini and I’ll share with you, too.

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your hedonistic delight​

Shit! Busted.

. . .

What could I say? Even the most perfect warriors,
even they need some wet, busy nights with her/his beloved Ones.

Changed location (2k19.4.19.): Under Belial :ok_hand::eggplant::sweat_drops:


I’ve always been fairly good sense someone’s energy even over mediums like social media and I can tell you that you do have an almost seductive and tempting energy. Honestly I’m jealous of these spirits I would love to have a taste of you.


Nice experience