A unique meditation ritual - tonight's experience

So I performed the ritual that I posted on here a day or so ago.

Before I started I said “Lucifer, would you honour me by joining in my rituals tonight. Let our energies bond and join together.”

After performing the warm up, I proceeded to hold the “Standing on Stake” posture and began to use abdominal breathing. As I gazed into the mirror and I could feel a cool, tranquil breeze on the back of my neck and around my shoulders and arms. I saw an aura that was split between light and dark. On the left side the aura was black and the right side of the aura was white. I think I caught a glimpse of Lucifers dual energy of dark and light. If anyone has performed this ritual I would love to hear about the experience you had :metal:
A unique meditation ritual


Good job , I never tried the ritual , but I believe you do good work

Thank you for those kind words. I am still learning and experimenting to see what works. Try the ritual out and let me know of your experience :metal: