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Does anyone here think that a traumatic experience can somehow awaken your Astral senses as a form of a more passive rebirth process? Or is that merely a “calling”? Once that experience is resolved, do we change enough to be different people on the inside?

Example; experiencing prolonged emotional pain paired with a toxic mindset for more than two years due to a dramatic negative shift of lifestyle.


Thats kinda happening with me.

Everyone is different, so maybe for some people this might be the way…
Some of my powers became useless after all the emotional trauma mess… but then gradually they are coming back…


Trauma does change you. As to whether it awakens abilities inside you is debatable. As in everything in life, there are many variables that come into play. It depends on the individual and how the “energy” if there is any is directed. If it is an abusive relationship that you rise above and conquer your fears and get out it can awaken a warrior spirit in you. Your inner demon maybe.

However, with trauma often you will find the energy is completely drained or its paths blocked. This can be done through mental conditioning or a physical injury which can have effects which take many years to overcome. There are feelings of dis-empowerment and loss or lack. These are disastrous to our magickal abilities or ascent. Sometimes physical effects from the trauma which must be healed if it is even possible. These physical injuries may block energetic flows or affect chakras. So although trauma does, I would even say ALWAYS change you, it may or may not be beneficial to your magickal development… or it may awaken and supercharge a part of you that had previously remained unknown and dormant. It all depends upon the individual, their mindset and the type and final outcome of the trauma. That is the beautiful thing about life and the human species. We are resilient and changing creatures. It depends on us and each day is a new beginning, or the ending that you so desperately need. It is all up to the individual and you CAN do any god damned thing you set your heart and mind on achieving… as long as you don’t give up. .

From one who has endured much trauma and loss in life.


Yes, we see that victims of traumatic experiences and accidents are shaken enough that their senses are awakened.

When you go through trauma you move further and further away from reality, you experience something that you can’t quantify, something that you can’t control, something that scares the shit out of you (sounds familiar ?)

You brush that irrational and more primal part of your sense, and once you do it leaves an imprint on you, you’ll always remember what it felt.

You’ll alwahs have that connection, and for some people that deepens, they choose to explore this and they get their astral senses awakened through this.

For example you have people who have gone through a NDE able to see ghost or discarnates and are sort of more in tune with the spirit world.

You have people that have lost some close relative or friend report having visitations from them.

Some of the strongest bonds and pacts have been formed by magicians who call upon the pain and trauma they have experienced to fuel their intent.

Some of our closest spirit allies are those we discover in times of crisis


When I was younger I actually was affected indirectly from a family member being in a car accident and then 7 or 8 months later (it felt more like 3 years after playing video games as escape) I actually started going to public school because we couldn’t pay the medical bills without also homeschooling. And to put it simply, I hated high school and had a hard time understanding why I felt angry and afraid all the time. And during that time I had several dreams that have since gained new and insightful meaning now that I saw similarities with those dreams and some of the entities I’ve at least read about.

I felt really lost, especially since I ignored my beliefs and repressed my emotions (old and new) for a long time. I thought it was how everyone “got by”. That was one of the stupidest assumptions I could make. That combined with a lot of failed attempts at relationships, I was almost emotionally dead until about a year ago when we moved to a place everyone overall enjoy living in. And magic became a part of my life once I started questioning my beliefs and explored various occult systems.

So, I probably had a mental re-birth which hieghtened my sense of understanding the non-physical aspects of the world. Which, in a morbid sense, was relieving.


Imo i believe it does awaken you. Here might be some more useful replies.

I think it depends on what brought about the trauma, more so how much. More than that how and if you deal with it. It sent me in to shut down for a long time.

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