Trauma and spirituality

This is a very touchy topic so I won’t say much on it. Just want to hear what you guys think about the connection between the two is. Also trauma and spiritual gifts. Let’s play nice.


I think most black magicians have experienced a level of trauma, sexual or otherwise. EA has discussed this multiple times in relation to his childhood and I think he’s a very strong person for his openness and he drew some very interesting and convincing conclusions. Many people come to magick through a feeling of lost power, they never want to feel powerless again. And magick CAN and WILL do that for them.


Agreed. Any thoughts on gifts that come after trauma?

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Opportunity for growth and experience in life. A stronger willpower (if you have accepted what has happened)


The wounded healer is the archetypal shaman, and shamans of old went to war spiritually for their family, their tribe, “healer” meant surgeon, excising that which required culling, and was not just a passive role, out to “harm none.”


Certainly, I think whichever cosmic force was behind my life knew what it was doing.

My mom is an addict, and has been since she ran away from home around 13. My older sister was born when shewas 19, she has FAS, nothing serious, she just had problems developing her long bones.

When I was conceived my mom tells me that she felt life enter into her and she immediately knew she was pregnant. In that moment all of her drug cravings stopped. She raised me through my formative years without hitting me once. She gave me the foundation of love and connection that would be so vital for me throughout the rest of my life.

Shortly after my fifth year my mom started getting into drugs again. I learned very fast to raise myself, and help raise her. She held jobs as a prostitute to be able to make ends meet for me and for her drug addiction.

I was taken away by Social Services when I was 14. My mom started getting treatment and I was able to live back with her. I later moved out on myown when I was 17.

I got a proper childhood and then I got a traumatic life until I was able to leave. Curious, very curious.


And you’re all the more better for everything you’ve experienced. Thank you for sharing that with us.


I guess I became more spiritual in personality after I overcame multiple traumas (my father being injured, change of environment, depression and suicidal thinking, some self-harm to experience pain because I wanted to be in pain). I vaguely remember talking to Death when I was 16-17 but I don’t remember her words exactly; something like “let nature’s path claim your soul, not your will. It will foster stronger abilities that way.” (Yes, in my experience Death itself is female. She is kind but firm, cold-in-a-matter-of-fact-way and passive).
It wasn’t like I almost died and then I became a occultist. It was more like, stress built up over time, I decided it would be better if I didn’t exist, I started planning my exit, and then Death wanted me to push forward with life because I was weak to even want to give into my desires to take my own life, and… after some time, I ended up being okay. At first I just thought she was my subconsciousness trying to tell me I was wrong but there might have been another element I had missed.
I also tried praying when I was younger (13, when all this started happening) to get the Christian God to help out but things only seemed to get worse, so I decided that God didn’t exist for me. Maybe an all-encompassing force but not a “caring” creator.


I think that trauma is a catalyst for growth. Without the pressure you can not get a diamond. Trauma brings out the inner strength and fire in you. It creates the impetus for you to reach for and feel your abilities. Instead of lazing around on a couch and watching TV or having everything done for you, someone who grows up with abuse and trauma has to think and do for ourselves. It opened my abilities. It also allowed THEM (the demons in my life!) to be the only consistent influence in my life. Basically it was they who raised me, and influenced my thinking and who I am today. In addition you can not be weak and be around demons. It also brings out that prey drive for lack of a better word. The trauma that I endured made me strong. It makes you angry enough to shred the veil of lies and hypocrisy we are fed, and fight back against abuse without hesitation or remorse. Trauma either shows the individual to be food, a play thing or a god/goddess.


Thanks for sharing everyone :slight_smile:

You WOULD ask a question that totally triggered my inner demon while I was responding!! hehehe!

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Trauma based mind control comes from Eastern mysticism, Hitler and the Reich learned it all and operation paperclip brought it to America.

My Kundalini awakening was a mix of meditation, past trauma memory living and drug’s, I hurt myself in controlled way’s so no one else can or will, sad but thus is the world we live in!