A spirit type I never seen before

A friend of mine is shoeing obvious signs of possesion that he is being possessed by a creature. Problem is I’ve never seen the creature before and nothing I can do is identify it. The creature drew itself roughly but I need help because it does not fit with traditional books and depications of spirits. Can someone please help me identify the creature below? That is the art the creature made. Sorry for it being dark he drew it in the dark.


Ahhh yes, I’ve seen this beastie before and have drawn something similar.

In short, it’s a parasite.


Yeah I agree with @Mapachtli. My subject drawn something similar during an exorcism in 2013. Getting rid of it made the subject nauseous, and vomit a few times… The person had an alcohol issue, but wasn’t drunk, drinking, nor hung over during the exorcism. I’d like to hear more so I can record it, and verify if it’s the same being.


Minor vampiric entity. Could be easy to remove via contract and gain an useful servant in the process if you have the spare energy or people you don’t like to empower it and feed it.


Ooh yes, keep it and call it George, it’s foxy. :fox_face:
Also it’s rather a good artist, those gestures are great

… um, I do have the impression that those black things aren’t a proper part of it though, like it’s got a parasite on it’s back. Maybe it’s because the drawing style is different between them, not sure. But I had a parasite once on my back that extended black threads - only into wing shapes. Said it wanted to ‘help’ me fly in the astral, and I let it hop on just out of curiosity (flying in the astral comes free after all)… got rid of it after a few days though, it wasn’t anything to write home about.

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The creatures claims to be merged with a demon spiritually.

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Very interesting, reminds me of a few things, though names not coming to me at the moment.

But yes it does look like two things together.

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If you’re up for an experiment, what happens if you separate them so that er, “Foxy”, I’ll call it, is no longer parasitised? I can imagine that black thing drains it and makes it need energy, hence attacking people (er, or more than usual) - but is it a symbiotic relationship where Foxy needs it for some reason, or plain predation - does Foxy know?

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He claims to rape and devour spirits.

Ok, but why?

Apparently feeds him spiritually.

Well obviously. It’s just energy, we expend energy we have to replace it.

What I’m trying to get at is, how is that related to the thing on is back - supposing it’s another entity at all?

Oh, have you tried asking the black thing by itself yet what it’s doing on Foxy? They can talk too.

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I dunno. It’s a part of it. Foxy says it’s part of it. Forced to merge. The black part was a demon. Made to feed

Well, what I would do, is separate Foxy from the black thing, kill the black thing (aka send it through the black hole at the center of he galaxy to have it’s energy recycled into something else), and push Foxy out of your friend - just because he doesn’t sound smart enough to be beneficial to a human.

Er, also if he stays with the human it could get absorbed into the complex and lose itself, becoming a facet of that humans personality instead of free to walk it’s own path. Either way it’s in trouble and needs the help.

Interesting… Reminds me of the black smoke and tentacles that I saw hovering above me as I slept. A negative vibe.