A spirit that can help with meditation

Hi All,

Is was wondering if there is a spirit that can aid in meditation and also is suitable for making a pact with for the purpose of meditation?

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To be honest, part of the point of meditation is to develop the discipline and skill to talk to entitles under control. It’s like a muscle, so in the same way you can’t get someone to do your gym workout for you, you just have to make the time to do it.

Entities don’t work that great as personal trainers until you can sense them, and you can’t sense them until you do the work. There’s no good shortcuts, you have to just practice, and it will get easier over time.

Tip: Practice everywhere, don’t make a big deal of it and give yourself a big hurdle to cross, like being in a certain position, in the right clothes on a yoga mat in silence - practice while waiting in line, practice while waiting for the kettle to boil, take moments everywhere for mindfulness, relaxation and
connecting with your surroundings.
To work on sensitivity, become aware of all the details in your surroundings. Like spot the difference mental games, the faster you can capture the details in your environment the easier it gets to sense these in meditation, and the faster you notice the subtle change when an entity shows it.

But you have to do this all yourself. No silver bullets, no spoon feeding, no crutches that teach you to be weak.


create your own (spirit helper) through the repetitious usage of a tool like a rattle or drum.

i totaly agree with @Mulberry you have to do the work yourself but if you will work with a spirit he may direct you to more sources like books, videos, people who are good in meditation etc.

though there are some spirits who can enhance your practices, i mean to bring more benefits as you keep on practicing etc for example in franz bardon book, the practice of magical evocation/ in the book of azazel in the article written by kurtis joseph i think there are spirits there who can help in meditation.

honestly on this case you dont need a pact at all, daily practice is the one that will help you alot

Try wim hof guided breathing

It’s helped me immensely and no longer need him guiding me to do meditation

YouTube for techniques and guided meditation