A spell to bring the sun out of clouds

<This spell is designed to work on days that are gloomy. Know that you are the center of the universe, and you control the weather.>

Rain, rain go away, come back some other day,
Grey clouds depart, let the Sun show its rays,
Glorious Sol, Apollo, Ra, and any other name of yours,
We repect and hold dear the light and life you give to us all,
Let no rain fall, no rain let pour,
for this is your day alone, and to you we crawl,
Like innocent babies coming to their Fathers arms,
This we ask you to come show your glory and might,
No cloud shall cover you, and this spell not one harmed,
Come to us during day and the moon by night.

<At this point imagine your hands nails are sharp enough to penetrate clouds and can reach them, pull the clouds apart as if tearing a piece of paper>

I wrote another spell long ago roughly the same thing.
Try both.


sounds nice tbh, i’ve used the first line in some workings which has been successful as well, but remember that rain pushed away one day must come back some other one, so its important to use the rain, rain, come today, stay no more far away, spell to bring it on a better day, otherwise it can show up unexpectedly.

generally for weather working though i just use energy, cloudbursting for clearing them away, and then drawing the clouds in to bring it again. of course working with Baelzebub can be useful too since it is his domain as well, especially for greater works such as hurricanes and tornados that may have too much force behind them to stop with the energy I can muster at the time

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