A solar spell on gloomy days

Years ago I wrote this out, and unfortunately have lost the log of it, but from memory this is how it goes…

Rain, rain go away,
Sol, the Sun, come on out,
Gray clouds depart, and go away,
Let it be bright and warm, on a great day out.
By the names of Helios Apollo sol!!!

Now, you may notice it will get brighter, even if the Sun is behind the clouds. however, reach up toward the sun, and imagine your fingernails ripping into the cloud; and with a sweeping motion swing your arm away, as if pulling a tablecloth off a table.


But of course it’s not working for me. maybe one of you with more power can get it to work for you.

Actually, it did work about an hour after saying it and putting it out of my mind. It lasted about three hours until becoming gloomy again.
So, perhaps it did work :slight_smile:

Eh… but i like the rain :cold_face: :thinking:

Sometimes i ask the ANEMOI to bring rainy clouds around

Thanks for sharing tho. If someday is too cold i’ll use it :slight_smile: