A spell for aspiring artists

I’ve been really trying to narrow down and get my intention right for this spell.

I think I know exactly what I want.

It’s not so much fame YET lol.

I’ve come to the conclusion that fame is just an outcome of talent so I’d like to work on myself and be the best musical creator melodically and lyrically I can be.

The problems I run in to the most are making catchy hooks and coming up with lyrics to fit those melodies.

My mind goes completely blank almost like writers block.

So this is the area I’d like to fix. Once that’s fixed there’s really nothing stopping me.

This is the idea I had in mind.

Petition dantalion saying

“Thank you dantalion for removing blockages stopping me from creating amazing music.

Thank you for inspiring me with melodic ideas and making my music appealing to everyone who hears.

I am grateful.

I’m return I offer you ______.”

I’d then place this petiton on a plate after reading it out loud a few times and then place a orange candle on top to enhance creativity and then add some banishing herbs like sage and salt to remove blockages as well as some success herbs like rosemary and eye bright to enhance my vision and intuition when making music :smiley:

Also considering he knows all arts and sciences and the thoughts of man I’d imagine he’d be pretty epic at doing this.

What do you guys think of this.

It’s come straight from the gut this so if anyone can add I’d be extremely pleased.

King Paimon is good regarding the arts, especially music.

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Nothing different than the last time you asked. Still Andrealphus.


Is actually something for Paymon and Astaroth

But also Mammon and Bael