A small welcome back for me

So it has been a while since I’ve logged on here, college is keeping me busy. But I always find the time to do small rituals and prayers to Lucifer. At night is the most convenient because well, I still live with my parents.

On December 31st of this year, is when I sign the promise letter to Lucifer. I remember when I first decided this path was right for me, getting a little too excited even. But I’ve learned a lot from others who knew more and at this point, I’m more mature about it. I’m excited about December 31st because it’ll be the day where I’ll officially be continuing this path and taking a vow to Lucifer.

Although I’m not new, I’m open to learning new things from everyone. I hope everyone here is having a good time. If not, things are going to get better.

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Good luck on your path. December 31 is sure to be a very good day for you :hugs: I know school is keeping you busy, but please come back periodically and let us know how you’re doing with your vow and how you feel about it.

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Welcome back. By promise letter do you mean soul pact?

If so, and seeing as you intend to further yourself with one of the Nine Gatekeepers, you may find this thread of import.

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and thanks for showing me that thread. Will be checking it out after my classes