A Servitor for appearing in dreams

Not specifically a servitor for inducing lucid dreams, but rather creating a servitor that will specifically make an appearance towards you in dreams. Has anyone ever made a servitor like this and did it give any results? I’d like to make a servitor that visits me every time I sleep.

@Tripwire I think has been experimenting with dreamwalking and might have some ideas when he’s next around. :thinking:


By make an appearance what do you mean? Like have the spirit appear IN the dream? Of course. You created the servitor. It is your intention.
I personally never needed a spirits assistance in my dreams or found any need to include a servitor. The imagination is the bridge to the astral so if you want it in your dream it’ll be there. But I suppose there is no such thing as a dumb idea. Well actually. Nevermind. I can’t talk lol. Fantastic idea whatever your intentions are though!

I have heard people ask like certain actual deities and such to show up in dreams as well. You can lucid dream with demons and other spirits too. I remember the first time I tried it I wanted to talk to king paimon didn’t even have an intention other then I wanted him to teach me something. Anything he thinks I should know or could use. Two nights later (Idky it wasn’t that night but oh well) he taught me on how you can scry with different color liquids using the different colors as different associations to different things but that’s for another thread for another day. Point is any entity can appear in your or someone else’s dream.

If that’s what you meant of course if not then I’m confused.

Another random thought. You can contact Azlyn from s. Connolly’s book of demonolatry magick for a stronger dream experience, whatever your intentions might be.

I’ve had some occurrence of servitors appearing in dreams before, even though that was not in their stated or ascribed functions.

Details are fuzzy, but in one instance it was like a “checking in” and another instance it was kind of like they were…“playing” by being there and participating in the dream, or something along those lines.

I think if you pay them the right kind of attention, they’ll have the ability to do so regardless.

The rest of this would come down to the operants dream recall and ability I would think.

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I’ve been working on something similar. I’ve been trying to get a servitor to induce me a particular dream, with very poor results.

It is a tough one. The closest I’ve been was kinda funny. All my servitors are women.

I asked a servitor to contact an entity I’m working with and then plant in my dream a way to increase my income.

Well, I dreamed of a lot of women stuffing wads of bills in my underpants - with the boxers on.

So basically my servitor or that entity was telling me to become a male stripper. :rofl:

F************* you servitor!!


Nah they were planting seeds of cash opportunity all over your energy system or all over your life- just tucking them wherever they can fit it probably lol.

Funny way to relay that though.

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That’s a more optimistic way of interpreting the dream. Thank you :grin: I feel better already!

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Your request on that one was also… I think what they showed you was literally what they were asked, but what they are doing is just tucking all these cash opportunities all over, wherever they fit.

But if you take your words literally then look at the dream, no don’t fuck you servitors, more like haha for one on the operator this time lol.

I’d take it as a note from them to be careful that your intent is clear- they understood, but your words didn’t match exactly what you wanted or what they could do probably lol.

Granted I’m basing this on shit mine do and how it comes about and how the words can sometimes be taken a bit too literally or seriously if one’s not clear what they intend. :rofl:

I’ve had many a servitor approach me in dreams but I can’t say I’ve accomplished anything except a few minutes of clear conversation and learning a few dream skills and astral skills better.

They’ve been able to communicate ideas and what I needed to do or what was going on more clearly through dreams, probably because there was a visual to interface with- I have a tendency to be lost in my head and not notice things like noises/tune them out.

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Your servitors were acting like sugar mamas in that dream, and being risque in giving you the money. :smirk: :joy:

Symbolically though, you can also take the money in the boxers as being like money tucked away. Like money in a mattress, or that you might hide in a sock (as some folks do, albeit in grittier environments at times)