A ritual with Marbas

Marbas is the 5th spirit in the Ars Goetia. According with this old Grimoire, he’s the President of Hell. Among his power, he answers with trust any question. Also, he’s able to cause illness or endow the magician with health.

This short essay is dedicated to HIM, for helping me and as a token of devotion. THANKS MARBAS!

When the magician evokes him, he appears without delays. He has a guttural voice and answer any kind of question. He shows his presence with physical phenomena in the temple, such as noises or creaks in the altar. He appeared with human body, lion head, fiery eyes and a lot of snakes which arises from his back. His power can be “use” in malediction magic or in healthy magic. If we summon him for curse someone, causing all kinds of problems, complications and setbacks, destroying our enemies in a slow and agonizing way.
Before performing a malediction ritual with him, be sure that you really want to achieve those results, because the effects could be unexpected and without change to change the results. When the malefic ritual is done, be sure that you will have complete results.

Of course, it’s possible evoke him for good purposes, such as healthy ritual or for broke malediction magic.

Be kind with this spirit and bear in mind that if he gives something, he wants something in exchange for his favors. This is something that the magician should discuss with the spirit during the evocation.

The Evocation

For this ritual will be necessary a black mirror, two candles, one red and one black and a lot of some strong incense like Dragon’s blood. Light the candles and the incense, relax your mind and body and when you feel ready, begin to chant the mantra: Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas.

Keep chant the mantras until you feel the energies of the Other Side. Then, spill some of your blood on the sigil of Marbas and say:

Marbas, accept my blood as an offering, answer my calling and manifest in this black mirror!

Now, focus your attention in the black mirror, raise your dagger and say these words:

In the name of the Dragon,
Marbas, President of Hell,
I, (magical name) call you tonight at this temple.
Manifest yourself in this black mirror and answer wisely to my questions.
I want your help in (say the purpose of the ritual).
Marbas, answer my calling, manifest your powerful presence.
In the name of the Dragon!
Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Keep your attention in the mirror. Say the name Marbas as a mantra. Open your mind until the contact is established.
The words of calling are just an example. You can change them or you can say some spontaneous works. What is important in the intention and the will behind the words.

When you want to finish with the experience, just thank the spirit for his presence and close the ritual.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


I read the same method in @BLACKWITCHCOVEN do you really summoned him ?? Sorry for doubting you I’m new to this but after I reading this post I feel like your lying :frowning:


Google it and come up with another answer if you doubt the rituals honesty or effectiveness.

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First I will try this method bro thank you if I have any doubts please help me :slight_smile: thank you

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thanks a bunch bro, will try it out! :slight_smile: