A Rite of Love to find a Life Partner

It will be required:

҉ Red thread;

҉ Hook in the ceiling above the altar;

҉ A square made of red fabric;

Two red candles with a Rosier sigil;

Good luck sugar;

Good luck paper;

҉ Red ink with a drop or two of your own blood;

Rosier and Belial oleums.

During this ceremony, you must be naked. Make sure that your ritual space has a comfortable temperature. Take a cleansing Bath. Anoint yourself with Rosier oil.
The ritual space :
Build a standard square of elements (you can use a circle). Inside it, build a triangle of purple and pink candles. Place the demon seals inside + the seal of your demon mentor. Separately. I also recommend placing a rose quartz crystal in the triangle.
Write the following on a piece of paper:

Ponrum Ang Ronko

Then also list the qualities that you are looking for in a partner, draw the seals of Rosier and Belial and anoint them with both oleums. Using a ritual dagger, summon Rozier and Belial into the air above the parchment (using a pentagram in the air) . You can use enns or a personal appeal .

Tie one end of the red thread to a hook in the ceiling (or chandelier). Pull the thread to the altar and tie the paper to the candles at the base, tying everything together. Light the candles and sprinkle them with sugar, repeating:

Sanm Geana Wehlc

Fill your energy with candles through prayer and meditation. Pray to Rosier and Belial until the candles burn down to paper. Extinguish the candles and wrap the paper and the remains of the candles in a red cloth, tying it with red thread. Summon Satan ( or any of your other demon mentors) with the help of his enna and ask him for help, communicate your desire. Lubricate the bag with both oleums.

Complete the ceremony by thanking all the summoned Demons, and keep a bundle of cloth next to you (preferably under your pillow) while you sleep for six months, and you should dream about your companion (if you do not meet him earlier).
As soon as you see your life partner in a dream, return to your ritual room and open the ritual circle. You should be naked again. Untie the contents of the cloth. Burn the remaining candles to the end and the paper in the offering bowl, thanking Belial and Rosier. Use red cloth and red thread to make a small bag. Keep a rose quartz crystal anointed with Rosier oleum in it. Place the crystal bag in the bedroom.


Friend would do this rite for third parties??

Yes, you can spend it for another person

But would you do it for me?

Providing services on this forum is prohibited, so I recommend that you try to perform the ritual yourself.


Do you know the source? Or it’s you own?

t is forbidden to publish materials by third-party authors on this forum. Belongs to me

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You can of course perform magick for free as soon as your 90 days activity is up, which should be Feb 2nd (Sunday next). :smiley: :+1: But this is completely up to you.

I do feel like it’s wonderful though when people are inspired and learn to do their own magick and perhaps they could ask you questions about their experience. You love to see it. :smiley:

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It sounds interesting, I understand, I will wait for February 2 in this case :grinning: Thks


It would really be interesting to see you doing stuff like that. It really is something I personally enjoy.

Also with this ritual did you do it for yourself? Does it actually work? Being a social being it remote me to have a life partner and I really want to test it out to be honest.

Yes, I did this ritual for my clients and they were happy. Try it, it’s a simple and effective way.


Hello, I hope this isn’t a silly question but is it possible if I can’t put the hook on my ceiling bc I rent where I live and get visitors randomly, can I possibly use like under a table so I can hide it? Thank you, I really want to try this :innocent:

Yes, if you don’t have the ability to do this, you can table. Just keep the general concept of the ritual.

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Will do, thank you for such a fast reply! When I perform it I will update with results, or someone can update this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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If everyone is interested, I will continue to publish useful materials. I thought, this is not relevant for many. …


actually, I’m kind of curious to see what you think isn’t relevant to people and see really how relevant it is in all honesty. I find your stuff really interesting and helpful.

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