A rant on soft polytheism in LHP and an answer for some egotistical people

The problem with western LHP practitioners is that they need approval that whatever theories they are making can be spit on other’s face as fact or truth and for that they need a repected religion to compare with as they can’t compare with the abrahamic religions, Buddhism concepts they despise because the foundation of Buddhism is compassion towards every living beings but they want revenge from a particular person, the scapegoat they find is Hinduism.

As Hinduism has extreme RHP to LHP and practices b/w them, then they start to compare demons they are working with to gods of religion they have choosen.

Their thought process go like this, let’s first go to the 3 big dudes.

1)Brahma: "nah I don’t like him, this creater God reminds me of YHWH/Allah.

2)Vishnu: “nah not too edgy for me and krishna is more of a husband material.”

3)Shiv: “yep that’s what I was talking about, perfect shade of black.”

Now let’s find a female goddesses to match my level of craziness and who’s better than demon slasher kali yup even though her name is pronounced as kaali and kali is also a demon and I would call kaliyug as the the age of Kaali but in reality it is the age of that demon kali.

Do I need to read more about them like their holy books like vedas, puranas, upanishads, aarti, stotras, ashtakam, sahasranama, literature written by indian philospers, watching videos and books of respected and genuine spiritual gurus,…hell no Wikipedia and internet forums are the only genuine source of information.

Do I need guru for initiation… What a joke I can self initiate myself into the darkest of darkest currents more darker than dark itself. I don’t know what they practice most of them are secrets but hey the first fish that walked on earth did it had a guru bruh no.

These are affirmation repeat with me:

Lucifer is Shiv; Satan is a word in sanskrit; abbadon is related to kali; Lilith, Hecate,kali, are one; lucifer means light-bringer my study lamp is an aspect of lord Lucifer.


this supposed to be sarcastic attack?


Fuck!!! I was about to mention you :joy:


im basically on here all day today, its an addiction

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Ikr , especially now that we can’t go out .

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I’m not saying everything you say is wrong, but you do have a pretty narrow-minded view of “western LHP practitioners”.


I feel like this is my train of thought when I think of western LHP occultists but it also makes me want to facepalm so hard.

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I have in the past wondered if Sat An (so NOT Satan) could be translated in Sanskrit. Words fascinate me and I always try to look (or theorize) if sounds have root meanings. I read this phrase of yours and was reminded of it.
I came to the conclusion back then that Sat An means something like ‘the power of knowledge’.

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in a sense, but I can understand it too though

i came accross something written online attributing the Satya Yuga to Satan once and was like…whut

we should really talk some more, but unfortunately neither 1 of us can pm :joy:

Oh yeah cause of privacy thing lol.

You almost got me fooled, man.

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yep lol

do you mostly work Norse?

Nah, I mostly direct energy work and projection.

oh so AP and Reiki?

Reiki is indirect healing and astral is mental plane/plane of imagination lol I don’t do either of those anymore. I etheric/spiritual project and direct magick/energy work or energy manipulation of my own energy rather than calling in other entities for assistance.

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ohhhhhhhhhh so you use your own energy to heal?

I use my own energy to do everything.