A question regarding goetic spirits and sex/relationships

Now that my family have been moved for several months, I am finally looking into Fall enrollment for the community college. And I now have a job coach and an interview with my preferred potential employer. I’m actually excited, especially sense I’m fully vaccinated. So, with some personal work, maybe by that time come fall, I might be in the position of getting laid.

I see on various sites people asking “What spirit can help me find a partner/help me get laid?” I only know of a handfull of spirits in the Goetia (there’s 72), but I know quite a bit do that. Some have their specialties in either devoted love or sexual passion, but there’s an abundance of spirits who can help with that. But I have another concern.

Sex can have various negative side effects on either person involved. So, while there are plenty of spirits who can help find a potential partner, I want to know which of them can help protect against any unwanted consequences such as abuse, false accusations, or either us us getting a bad reputation. This is the bible belt. And this includes the more physical stuff, but yes I plan on being protected.

Simply, there’s a lot of things to be concerned with, and I need to know what spirit can deal with them.

In that circumstance I would actually call on maybe 2 spirits. For example, Asmodeus for lust and then Lucifer (just throwing him out as an example) for protection against misfortune.

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If you want to stick to Goetia thn Astaroth can bring partners to satisfy your love or sexual needs pretty quick. Agares can make whoever is in front of you get attracted and manipulated very easily like whatever you say they are on your side (whether for interviews or love dates). I think you can see the vibe of the person for your own safety and dignity during the meet. Haagenti is also good in showing right direction and choosing the correct one (keeping you safe from wrong choices). It’s just my experience with them. :blush:

First off, there is a really good post by @norski differentiating how the different love demons work from the goetia:

Second, if you want that kind of protection, im sure pretty much any demon involved with this stuff can help with that. All you really need to do is ask them to bring you women who will not regret having sex with you. But honestly, they pretty much all do this already by default, so i really wouldn’t worry about it. Remember, people in the bible belt want sex just as much as the next person. Matter of fact, I believe there is a higher instance of porn watching in the bible belt than anywhere else in the USA. Religion is often just a thin veneer.