A Question Regarding Fear and Lust for Results

So today I had an interesting thought out of the blue and I wanted to see what your opinions are on this: could fear be used to purge lust for results?

For example, let’s say someone cast a spell to get a new job. If they shifted their thoughts from “Oh man, I hope I get that job” to “Oh shit, I’m not ready for that job. What if my coworkers are terrible people or the job’s really boring” etc. How would that effect their results?


Fear have worked for me better than hope, but sadly, that seem to have fucked up my emotional balance.


This is a pretty interesting question, as it gets to the core of how magick works on an internal level. The reason that Lust for Result can be a problem is because it means that the operator has not fully shifted their emotions to a state where they are absolutely certain of the magick’s efficacy.

To break that down more, let’s use the example you gave of finding a new job. Before doing the ritual, you have some unwanted feelings - maybe you’re worried that you won’t find a good job, or that you won’t seem qualified enough. When you perform the ritual, you bring these feelings to the surface, and then transmute them into a more desirable state.

In this case, and depending on what sort of magick you’re doing, the transformation that takes place could be fear changing into peace and warmth. You don’t have to worry anymore, because you have performed magick, and have set into motion change in the world that will bring you a better financial situation.

This moment of alchemy done in the ritual is relatively simple once you get the hang of it (though the experience will certainly evolve and expand with practice). What often trips people up, however, is the time between performing the ritual and getting the results.

(I’ll be back to conclude this post - still thinking about how I want to word the rest, as this is a pretty big topic, and there’s enough in this part to chew on anyways)



You’ve got me stumped you bastard. I’ve some ideas but honestly no experience in what you’ve suggested. It’s people like you who advance Magick. This is something new. Great! Thanks.



Often there were cases on exams when I started with enthusiasm and did not pass. However, when I reconciled to the worst of the most probable course of events, while continuing to achieve what I wanted, it was then that I succeeded most often.

There were interesting cases when luck and preparation perfectly complemented each other.


I can offer this experience fwiw:

I can manifest almost any object I need, and that usually takes believable routes like I will see the exact thing on sale for a very affordable amount, relative to its use-value to me, and market value in general.

BUT: if I then feel any guilt at having done this, whether because I exceeded my budget for that category of purchase this month, or whether because I just feel that vague existential guilt over wanting a thing and then getting it right away, which our anti-life slave society has programmed from childhood (I was commanded to sing this song as a child for example, before conscious processing develops) then I can absolutely guarantee the item will go missing in the post, arrive broken or defective in some way that creates enormous hassle to refund or fix, or something else will go SERIOUSLY wrong with it.

If I haven’t yet bid on something, on Ebay, and am thinking “wow I can’t believe this,” ANY feeling of guilt over my find will cause the seller to withdraw it from sale.

This will not happen in 100% of cases where I feel no guilt or second-guessing over my intrinsic moral rights to make the purchase. EVER.

And it will happen in 100% of cases where I do. :man_shrugging:

So coming back to your experiment, I don’t know whether fear, when consciously used to suppress lust, will have the same negative effect but because of this experience I have had over and over, I suggest testing it on something small at first, if you have that option.

An alternative drawn from Law of Attraction is to keep your work focused on “this exact thing, or something even better (define terms if necessary, like “higher wages, better conditions” etc)” and that leaves a critical uncertainty gap whereby you retain overall positive focus, even as you give that specific working room to not hapopen as planned.

That way it’s not “pass/fail” “oh fuck I HAVE to get it right this time!!!” drama in your mind, if you see what I mean?

Excellent! :smiley:

This is a bit like the system Wallace T Wattles taught, whereby you work diligently exactly where you are now, while keeping your focus on the desired outcome, and do not let the appearance of failure at any single stage distract from your overall commitment to your goals.

Thanks for sharing that. :+1:

Edit to add, I use the principle about an “uncertainty gap” in this method: Something that's been working for me & want to share


This is an interesting question. In the past, when I lusted for results, I have come to find that the root of the issue was that the “lust” was actually my fear of failure wearing a mask. This would be an example we commonly see where fear is actually a crippling counter to our efforts. My solution was to make every spell with the same mindset of “This will happen, one way or another, or I will perish”. Sounds a little childish, but connecting the result with the basic survival instincts we all have deep in our minds has actually improved my success rate drastically. The fear of death, consciously present or otherwise, tends to be far stronger than the fear of failure.

So, going back to your question, I think fear could definitely be a cure for lusting results if approached right. And, the method you described could possibly amplify it, as I have noticed that my fear of becoming more in a leadership role in my professional life tends to always manifest when I don’t attend it to. I can only imagine what it will be like if used for one’s own advantage.


Don’t fear it, face it, challenge it and make sure it’s what you want first. Bring focus and research into your casting before you cast to make sure it is something you really want.

If you have doubts about the job and employee’s, management, research the company and see if it would be a good fit including employee reviews and other sources before you make that fatal error based on misinformation and deception.


Oh, I was using that for an example.

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Depends but most likely ime it would mean you getting in your own way. Every time you repeatedly think something that originates from fear, it strangles your connection to better, more desirable probabilities, and to your own wellbeing, essentially.

I wouldn’t advise doing what you described cos it feels easier in the short term than doing the real vibrational work. :wink:

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