A question on my pacts and stuff

(Ok before I start I understand most of you would tell me to go and ask them first and I would. However, I am very sick right now (the flu :mask: and yes Abbadon I get it.) and I am to weak to even sit up and type this let alone read. But this has been in my mind for a bit and it be cool and nice to hear what you guys have to say or even talk about related experiences (because I’m sure this has happened before and I know use the search bar but I feel I should post this topic). So with all that out of the way…

Some of you know I just moved from where I was do to some unfortunate development between me and my ex friend. So I moved in with good friends that were kind to take me in.
Now before I even decided to just end things and moved, two of my things that I was working on was coming to fortune (me getting a good position in the company and my Etsy shop that Iv been wanting to open for years.) But when shit hit the fan and had no choice I moved out and to my friends I’m with now but in a different state.
So one of my pacts was about me getting a good position in the company along with various of other things. I know they were working very hard to piece everything together where it would work out the best. But do to my sudden move and because there is not that line of work out here, does that mean I broke a pact? I have not heard from them for some time except a brief vision of Belial I had about a week ago.


Who did you do the pact with and what were the terms that you agreed to meet on your end? The details could be important imo.

Well I basically said I would do my part to work towards it along with working closely with them. The only one I can see could be off is my job that I was trying to get a position in. I didn’t really offer anything to big besides what I have stated and some blood I gave already on their sigils as well as some I burned. :thinking:

Well, it doesn’t sound pact-breaking to me. Maybe some of this is lining you up to get work in a company that works out better for you.

On the other hand, if the pact was to specifically get you a promotion in a company you no longer work for, maybe it’s them that broke the pact.

But yeah. maybe the pact just didn’t need to be that specific and they took ‘my company’ to mean 'the company I work for, whichever one it is".


Eh true though I was going to get that job. But perhaps they did reworked somethings that would be better off with. :thinking:

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