A Question for those WELL VERSED on astrological energies. (mars and saturn)

So, let’s say you plan to create a servitor for the function of protection.
Let’s say you give that servitors the astrological energies of both Mars and Saturn. The intention being:
Mars - to improve it’s overall combat abilities and passion and corage in combat.
Saturn - for well understanding of the rules and commands i give him, for dutifulness and discipline in fulfilling his tasks.
You were hoping that with those together that servitor would truly put in the hard work and improve his abilities fast. Full of desire/ambition to improve and prove itself in the functions given to him. To bring down YOUR law onto any fool trying to to put their spoon in your pudding.

BUT then i read that mixing those energies tend to be icky.
What are the undesired things that could result of that in this particular case.

Maybe give it access to the energies of Mercury and/or Pallas? For (different types of) intelligence?

What do you think would be the result of a servitor running on those energies?? And, if any troublesome effect, what would you recommend to maybe balance the more negative aspects of those energies in this particular case?

I would suggest Jupiter if you want a sense of duty and discipline. Saturn is more about personal responsibility (of the servitor), Jupiter brings a more fatherly, judicial, decision-making feel.

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Jupiter is definitely a very nice and mighty energy. I thought about Jupiter as well.

One of the reasons i was thinking of Saturn is for it;s ability to bind/limitate and create structure. Being more able to limitate which spirits would be able to come near me (in accordance with it’s program/instructions of course).

The doubt here being really, by mixing the energies of Mars and Saturn, what undesired things could come out of it (if any)?
So i could try to prevent/remediate those.

The best way to consider it is by studying Furcas or Botis for example for a strong Mars/Saturn energy

Mars/Saturn t’s a very enduring and powerful energy.

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I’ve had a small interaction with Furcas before. He seems fine.
Haven’t interacted with Botis yet to my knowledge but looking for the examples of this powers on DoM he sounds pretty interesting.

It’s an interesting idea. If there’s anything in particular that you’d like to point about those let me know.
And thanks for the* idea.