A question about visions

While meditating with Haziel lying on my bed, I had a vision of my bed (me lying down) and several rats coming out of my bedroom door, they crowded around the door, does anyone have any interpretation?

What did you feel about the rats? This is more important than the visual of what a thing looks like, the visual is often nonsense, it’s what you feel about it that gives you the most information.


Well, I felt like it was like a plague, that it was contaminating me in relation to my relationship with Haziel, on the day in question I was frustrated because Haziel wasn’t responding to me, then this happened, so I see it as a problem.

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The next introspection is to ask yourself if the rats represent something about you or something external. They will not be the problem in themselves, they are warning about the problem. Rats could be the myriad negative thoughts when you don’t get a response right away. But then getting imagery that there is a problem is a good thing, so don’t try to cut that ability to get info off, work on what it represents.


Yes, I will do that, thanks for the answer.

Thankfully one of the rats didn’t Bite you or you might Really be in trouble! :rat::weary: