A promise fulfilled for Dantalion

I asked Dantalion what he would like as an offering for his help.

He responded by asking me to write him a poem and sharing it publicly.

I then thought of balg forum right away, so here we are🤙

Ode to Dantalion:

For so long of time
I could not find
Peace of mind

The battles within
To my own chagrin
Through Christianity and sin

Of being alone
That power outgrown
Fire, death, and brimstone
These things, no longer sown

Friends that abuse
Family that use
Traumas galore

Freed at last
from the weight I bore

All shown to me
Injustice and indignity

Encourage brought
After he, I sought

The treasures revealed
My victory sealed
The formula, congealed

The alchemy of mind
Is finally mine

The freedom to explore
The essence of time

The pleasures and pain
A symphony like rain

The true me
So mote it be
The Duke Dantalion,
Has made me see!

Dantalion! Dantalion! Dantalion!
I give praise to thee!!!