A practical guide to improvised rituals#1: A bloodrite

Here is a simple guide to practicality to those who want to dabble in blood rites

What you will need:

  • Implement to be used to draw out blood
  • Sigil of the spirit
  • Depending of the spirits alignment;pentagram or upside down pentagram, drawn on a pice of paper
  • Water(enough to create a puddle of it)
  • A stone that works as a portal for the spirit or a stone that works as necromantic artifact
  • Necromantic powder of any kind(use your creativity)

The steps:

  1. Pour the chosen water based liquid on your altar as a puddle and put the sigil of the spirit next to the puddle.

  2. Put the stone in a way that it physically connects the sigil and the puddle of water.

  3. Touch the stone and call upon the spirits to manifest using the water and the air in the space. then pour little bit of the necromantic powder into your other hand.

  4. At this point put your other hand on the stone so that it also touches the water and on the other hand you should have the necromantic powder. Visualise the forces coming to you and the portals opening and as you do this, inhale.

  5. Blow the necromantic powder into the stone and put the piece of paper that has whatever pentagram it has, in a way that it touches the water. Letting the water partially soak into the piece of paper. Drip your blood on the piece of paper with whatever pentagram is in it.

  6. Pour some necromantic powder into your other hand and put your other hand on the piece of paper with the pentagram in it in a way that it also touches the water puddle. State your incantation and visualise the outcome while inhaling. Then blow the necromantic powder into the pentagram with your blood in it.

  7. Clean the needlessly messy ritual area(have fun with that)

The reason for the water is that there are powerfull substances that are powerfull portals and they are:

  • Blood
  • Water
  • Fire

Ps. I had to clean my messy ritual after that and when I did, it still looked pretty messy


I´m not cutting myself, I´m poking my finger to get the blood. I suppose I should always put a spoiler alert to things first. And I suppose I should also put a spoiler alert into sayingdon´t stick your cut into a potentially germ populated area´´? I do assume that all of those who do this stuff, are using their their head. I don´t claim in it that you should do more than prick your finger or stick your cut into the area. That what I use the wordsdrip´´ for. But alright I suppose, I get your point though.

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Oh the penny just dropped! When we add blood to a sigil, burn the sigil and put the ashes in water - to scry into for example - we also triple down on the potential for portal opening there. That changes my perspective for the next time I do that. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’re ever come across as pissy in any of your posts, though, for the record. :+1:


As it most likely does, it is highly powerfull. Same thing could be said on necromantic energies too.

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