A Poem - Stuck in darkness's labyrinth

" Here i stood in a circle, smothered in the essence of the nocturnal’s
, I called the spirits dark and infernal, Powers unleashed both
internal and external.

I wanted darkness, so it came, i welcomed it to this earthly plane
It possessed me still it lurks in my heart, soul and damaged brain

The Darkness took me in, i entered its core,
I knocked upon the forbidden hidden door,
Its true be careful what you wish for.

I became lost in this hell, it later became home
, no longer did i hide, i sat on a cold empty throne,

no matter how much power i gained it was never enough,
no matter how much knowledge i gained it was never too much.

I became darkness void of emotion,
just a primordial force
, now in my veins the darkness will always course
Thats why you should think before knocking the door
because sometimes we get what we wish for.

I’ve never been the same since,
I came from the darkness’s labyrinth "

Drunked Poem after ritual with my Demonic self.


I like it! Drunken savant! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks brother :smirk:

*Knocks anyways *

By the way great poem :+1: