A Persian Manuscript

Sorry I don’t know this section is good for introduction of this manuscript or not. This manuscript is about evocation of some Angels and demons like metatron et cetera. Probably this grimoire was written in thirteen century. I find picture of Maimon (Amaymon) in the grimoire. A unusual stuff in this grimoire is using of Kohl around eyes like Eyeliner. The Kohl includes many weird stuff like eye of black cat , wolf, ape et cetera.

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There is nothing inherently magickal or clever about eyeliner, with or without disgusting ingredients :joy:

Intention is what drives your energy to perform magick, not potions.

Khol was used in ancient times to prevent eye infections, if I remember correctly :blush:
Perhaps the manuscript refers to that kind of use. Sometimes medicine appears in ancient documents linked to magic. There was not as much medical knowledge as there is now.

1-Ok but this book has not published yet. Is that against copyright law?

2-For making Kohl First you must dry that stuff then you must powder them and use it.

Maybe using the Kohl is like taking psychedelics

Kohl is mainly used in a cosmetic capacity, but was also traditionally used to protect against eye ailments, and the harsh glare of the sun (think ancient sunglasses). It has no psychoactive properties, though depending on how it is prepared, its use can lead to lead poisoning as some traditions use galena, aka lead sulfide, to make it.


Yes that’s still against the law if the intention is to publish it. When it’s published, and are you going to come back here and clean up the illegal link? I doubt it.

You can link to the published version for purchase.

Are you serious? You think it’s remotely magickal to dry “eye of black cat , wolf, ape etc” and put that on your eyes. Why not add eye of newt and toe of frog while you’re at it?
Nothing in these ingredient is magickal, YOU are the operator, you are the magick, no you no magick.

Meanwhile, everyone else seems to get on doing magick just fine without desiccated animal parts in thier face makeup. :roll_eyes: