A path to call my own

Hello everyone. After seeing the first catastrophic post, I’m sure most of you will be skeptical of reading this. However I will still stay on topic. Magick itself is a form of art in my eyes and I see now that it isn’t a difficult aspect to be played with nor easily understood. Being an entities kin didn’t make me purer, and taking out my fear, anger, and sorrow on the community wasn’t right. So let me take this opportunity by the founders themselves to say I’m sorry.

Yes, I understand most of you have heard me apologize many times that it likely got sickening to hear, but bear with me for bit if you please. I want to thank the community members for scolding and still accepting me for who I was, without hating me. I was afraid of not being accepted, not being included, being shunned. But I understand that he who loves us all would not have wanted his kin to act in such a repulsive manner. Breakdowns happen but instead of lashing out, I should’ve instead took a breath and asked for help. Great apologies for that.

I’m grateful for another chance in this community that I can safely call home. It was really surprising, I didn’t receive hate, just teachings, still being a part of it is amazing. And I have a long way to go, my own path to walk. But I’ll keep all your responses in my mind and heart to take on my own way and be my own self to make him proud and be one with this community. Thank you.


Why do you keep beating us all over the head with this? We get it already.

We know you’re all excited and everything, but the constant repetition is getting tiresome. We don’'t care what people want to call themselves but you don’t have to say it every time you make a post.

You’ve got this thread:

And you’ve repeated it here:


and here:

and here:

You’ve been on this forum for barely two days, and you joined up for advice on magick and contacting Lucifer, and now you’re acting like you’re some super special princess.

I hate to break it to you, but you’re not. Especially on this forum where everyone and their dog claims some sort of spiritual pedigree. Get a grip on yourself.

I’ve flagged this post for the mods because, frankly, this is borderline trolling now.


You know I’m done getting hurt. I’m messed up in the head and I don’t want to rub it in to people but I feel like I get attacked everywhere I go and it hurts. I often closed myself away because of this issue but I want to let it be known that I don’t want to be weak anymore.

Looking back, this is all starting to look like roleplaying at best and delusions at worst.

It’s the anime. The Japanese styled buildings, the anime artwork of Lucifer and family’s alleged appearances, Calucifer (like Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle; or as it’s pronounced in Japan ka-ru-shi-faa).

The other thing that’s throwing me off is the whole being Lucifer’s firstborn daughter thing. Lucifer has been around since far longer than humanity and has had many children in that time period. I highly doubt that you are his very first daughter.

There are some on here with legitimate claims for being Lucifer’s (spiritual) child, but not even they would parade themselves like this.

Also, stop rhyming, it’s not clever or cute


…go on…keep hating me… it’s not what I was trying to convey at all… I just want to be accepted…not seen as weak… I didn’t want to trample on anyone… but I can’t undo this…you all probably can’t even trust me anymore…

…I’m so messed up in my head I can’t even think straight…I’m…sorry… but I know you can’t believe this… you can’t trust me anymore can you…

@DarkestKnight @Prophet please forgive me… I didn’t mean to step over your authorities…:sob::sob::sob:I’m scared of getting hurt… no one ever accepted me… my dad on earth never raised me like he should…I’m scared of being lonely again… I’m sorry for causing you two so much trouble but I’m really not lying about the one thing you two know that I’m referring too…

I want a proper mentor…I don’t want to be the underdog anymore…I don’t want to be left out like in my everyday life… I want to be accepted :sob::sob:

I’ve noticed that you have a very bad habit of responding to any criticism or questioning of your claims by immediately throwing out “I’m Lucifer’s daughter” as if that is all the explanation you need.

You came to this forum not knowing anything about magick, and you had to ask how to do a simple petition spell. Now, you’re acting as if this knowledge of being Lucifer’s daughter (which came to you in dream and is more akin to wish fulfilment than actual spiritual contact) makes you better than everyone else.

There are people on this forum who have practriced magick for longer than you have been alive. So please, stop acting like a spoiled princess. Being the spiritual child of a very popular spirit doesn’t make you unique, or special, and it certainly doesn’t take you from knowing nothing about magick to suddenly being an uber powerful mage in the space of a day.

You’re Lucifer’s daughter? That’s great. The folks of this forum are accepting of all sorts of claims. However, what we won’t accept is every post you type beginning with, “I’m Lucifer’s daughter and…” or multiple threads on the same topic, repeating the exact same thing. That quickly becomes trolling, and seen as role playing.

You don’t have to try so hard to be accepted here. Just be you. We are a very accepting community.


…so you don’t hate me?.. I’m sorry this is stupid of me to ask…but then you don’t?

Of course not. Like I said, we are a very accepting community.


@DarkestKnight … this is big…can…um… can you be my mentor? I’m not used to just expressing how I really feel inside… because so many people put me down and I felt like I was being attacked even when I wasn’t… it’s this small feeling of sorrow that’s so hard to explain… and I didn’t mean to express it in that sense but I felt sad and angry at the same time but overall I’m truly sorry.

Hun I never knew my father so you can’t fall back on that. I never met him and only saw a single picture. You did describe the home as something I have seen in my own path and I do see that you are a daughter but by now there could be thousands of daughters.

You are focusing on your thought forms. These Black Magicians know their shit. Listen to them. Get out of your head and listen to those around you.

We have all been new we have all had to find our self. We have all been wrong.

Believe me I have some crazy shit happen to me from the moment I made the decision to follow this path. It was like hello someone is in the room with me and oh he is getting into bed with me. I have been finding myself for a year now and trust me I only know 1% of everything.

I have the facts that I was born with a lot of abilities. That I have had a lot of WHAT THE FUCK DID I GET MYSELF INTO moments. And a lot of I would have Never known that.

We all want to try to help you find your way we aren’t enemies.

This is all just a lot for all of us. You are so new to this all find yourself more. Know some of your history.

Start you path working. Work with the gate keeps and the female demons and goddesses. Then when you are ready and can truly handle the full truth trust me Lucifer will show himself to you.


It was definitely an OH SHIT WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO MOMENT. A big mistake… it’s a bad habit because I never got accepted much so I was scared of being judged and when anger and sorrow mixed my message came out wrong… I’m terribly sorry

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Just look at it this way if you can’t handle the humans. Then you aren’t ready for the demons. Many of us are super loyal to the ones we work. Just like humans bonds and relationships demon/ magician/witch relationships from the same way. But those are earned after a lot of hard work.

I usually run dreams by other witches/ magicians or even a demon or two if I can’t tell what it is. To me vision, dreams and past life memories are very very different 99% of my memories and vision happen while I am wide awake so I am pretty dreamless. But I also astral project a lot because I can and I am adventurous.

Learn the basics, start there. When you are ready work with the demons but look for the ones that call to you. Then build your way up to th whither ranking ones.


…I don’t think people like hearing these two words from me… I’m sorry… I’m a really stupid teenager with bad depression at times… I’m sorry to every demon, goddess, witch and wizards here… I just really need help…

If you are a daughter we get it but theres no point of repeating yourself the same thing.

If you have posted this repeating sessions on another platform you would have been trolled to the max. Look how helpful people are in here

Even lucifer wont like you bragging about this and trying to prove a point

Its just easy girl, just say fuck the haters and move on fuck what others think


It’s good you accept yourself but please don’t be like some those people who feel the need to constantly tell everyone “i am who I am, screw the haters” sure there’s some people on here who are kinda full of it (aware or unaware of it) but your first coming out of this you were pretty much accepted, so don’t worry about all that. As long as you’re working on yourself, let your practice speak more.

I tend to personally be iffy on a lot of claims because a lot of them tend to be baseless and because they feel the need to shove it on everyone and anyone whose like “okay chill” they’re considered haters. Don’t follow that path, be you, accept yourself, and grind in your path, let that speak for you. Even my own claims took years of gaining information, SPGs, scans, and such before I believed myself.


@eVox_61 @DarkestKnight @anon48079295 @Prophet thank you and sorry for the trouble I caused.

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You’re fine, you caused no trouble in my opinion, just rather not see you go the same road as those others who are always yeeting their obnoxious baseless gurgle on others. I can understand the depression issues and the need to feel accepted, I’ve been there starting out.

Don’t worry about it, like angel said, start with the basics and build your foundation, work on yourself both mundane and spiritual because they really do compliment one another, you’ll go far mate.


…thank you :sob:

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Oh I wanted to add don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Some people will advance super fast while others take some time.

A lot of who I am is because of my human bloodline my great grandma and I being the strongest.

I also being born into these gifts have blocked and unblocked myself a few times.

You will progress as you are meant to. I honestly believe born into or not we all can learn and use Magick. If you put in the work and listen and learn from everything around you. You will go far kid :heart:

But you have to take care of yourself as @anon48079295 said. All parts of us need to be healthy and running on all Cylinders. That’s why Take steps back a lot.