A night visit 555

Oh boy, I awake tonight, but only my mind not my body. And I was , wtf is this noise, is like a fuckin tank over my house. Eventually, I waked up completely and tried to see something. It was 5:55. Nothing in the sky, but the noise was tremendous. It was decreasing to completely cease. To be honest, the same happened to me years ago. But I was awake, and the noise was pretty higher than yesterday. This week was probably the first time I was able to manage guilty and cease the shitty judging voice in my head.

What do you think, guys?

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Not enough information to say. What you feel and your intuition are important here, and you don’t mention what you thought about it?

You say ‘visit’, and seem to say you heard a droning noise clairaudiently? Could be a random entity you heard that may or may not have been trying to get your attention.
‘Tank’ in English can mean the vehicle or storage container, so that’s confusing. What do you mean it was “higher than yesterday”, when you just said this woke you up and didn’t mention hearing it other than once years ago?

The last sentence and the 555 could be related, as that is the number of change under the Doreen Virtue angel numbers system. The noise could be a random plane flying over as well.

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Yes, sorry for fast writing. For tank I mean the vehicle. Like a huge mechanical sound. For higher than yesterday, I mean that years ago was higher. For visit, I mean an encounter. But it was just a sound, so it could be considered some form of clariaudience. About the random plane, it is not one. I hear a lot of planes, helicopters and garbage trucks, and these sounds are not related with this last one.

About the feelings, well, i’m very sensitive, so I can notice very slight variations. I understand also 555 for change, because my point of view about things changed completely during this week. Also something strange happen next day, my mother was a little sick with stomach ache and general fatigue, and me too. Now, we are OK. That day both we felt very strange.

The day before, I was developing some point of view in order to distinguish different phenomena. There are some hypothesis in this forum shared with many books. These are:

A - These kind of gods, beings are portions of our subconscious or our brain, and we are able to perceive reality through this personified segments.
B - They have independent existence from us, and also, maybe some of them are embodied.
C - Mixed points

The classification I try to do is the next one:

A - Thoughtforms, servitors, egregors - They are in the astral, they are just potential, energy. Like the figure of genius, means work, capacity.
B - Beings from other dimensions - We are not able to go through lower or higher dimensions (like 2D or 4D), so I am not able to understand this very well. But presumably, if there are any kind of aliens or humanoids, probably come from this option. They share our physicality.
C - Non-organic, other matter beings - Well this part could be very problematic. The idea of predator come from that, the archon. They feed off emotions, good or bad, depending of our point of view. They are compose by matter, but we cannot perceive it (at least the majority of population). They exist in physical plane, but they are hidden. The idea of elemental beings could mix here.

Sorry for huge text.

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Yes probably, I am the only one that could hear the sound. Because if other people could listen, probably all neighbours wake up to see what’s going on. About the servitor, I am not conscious of creating any thoughtform like this, but maybe. Anyways, I listened it years ago when I am not conscious about magic.

Are you conscious about have creating an helicopter servitor before? In this case, it is completely different that we are talking about. But the sound definitely mix with your description.

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