A new idea: the dark chakras

welp,without going into too much detail as its still a work in progress. I’m working on an entirely new system to base magick on. having meditated on the concept of chakras,I find some problems with them,how they are used. the underlying concept seems ok,ergo there just parts of the multifaceted being. but the way people engage with them gives the impression that they are only capable of being used for/balanced for more white magic type things. so this motivated me to imprint my own processes on the concept. one of the more novel ideas I’ve realized through meditation is the concept of a morphologic apeirogon. a hyperdimensional structure (hyperdimensional being used in this context to indicate a vastly high number of indeterminate size) that can be used to draw in negative energy from either outside,or inside of you,funnel it through the structure of the apeirogon,and then deposit it back into its usual occupancy of space with new properties that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. a bit like how a 4 spatial dimension creature could pick you up,turn you around in the fourth dimension,and put you back in normal space,except your heart would be on the wrong side of your body,essentially mirrored,in a way that would be impossible without the higher dimensional chicanery

i have also found that many of the processes in black magic can be used to achieve what white magick can

for example,a black magic cleansing. white magick folk generally attest to it’s ability to cleanse negative energy from an area. yet,a black magic user can feed on the negative energy,consuming it and growing more powerful,while removing the negative energy from the area,achieving the same result with better bonuses

now that I’ve elucidated upon what I’m seeking,has anyone else got any ideas in the same category?strange,alien,unorthodox,unnatural is the theme here

I believe a modified quote would explain a tad better "the dark chakras are a pathway to many abilities some might consider “unnatural” "

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About of obscuring the chakras, I was doing this thing backwards
I simply visualized a sphere of Black Light, then vibrated Satan until I felt it thicken and pulsate heavily as the atmosphere in the room changed drastically. Then start sending a ray of Black light down into the Sahasrara, then into ajna ,descend to other chakras, and saturate it, and so on vibrating Satan. At the end I also created a sphere under my feet and from there I could stop or push up chtonic energy from the center of the earth or burnig lava, there or let the snakes rise from muladhara or move energy for various purposes.
Otherwise I used a practice esercize present in the book “Dragon Of two Flames” by Michael W Ford called TUNNANU ISITU BASMU
with the only difference that the Black Flame obscured the chakras as the serpents ascended the central channel and the chakras.
So once I arrived at Sahasrara I would directly invoke the demon or deity I wanted to work with on a daily basis at that time.

Then after doing these practices for some time on a daily basis, I simply visualized my chakras black , while making a red flame (kundalini) rise all the way up the column and chakras. All this work has had extremely powerful and long-lasting results for all time!

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ah yes,the black light.personally i like to think of black light in opposition to normal light like this:

while normal light will contact with an object and reflect back at you and thus the object is still in a sense “dark”, when an object is within the effect of a ray of black light,the object itself is visualized in the relative world line of all objects near enough to do so,making an interconnected web of quantum states where no part of it can be touched or observed without effecting some other part,no light needed

I find chi or ki, the universal energy is neutral.

I don’t think it’s dark or light, it’s just is. That being said I did feel a huge difference doing draconian work, but I’m still going to go about a traditional path with yoga.

I recommend parts of tradition with a new spin, find what work for you.

Sure dude if that imagery makes more sense to you then go for it.

I try not to get too caught up in white/black magick dualities, but one thing I do is angel magick to attract what I want, and demon magick to destroy obstacles and undesirable circumstances. That sounds edgy but it doesn’t have to be. It’s as easy as deciding what you do want and what you don’t want.

This is just one way of doing it though. You can call angels to blow stuff up and demons to bring you new circumstances. Saying that angels are “positive energy” and demons are “negative energy” feels far too limiting to me. It feels like different vibes to me. Sometimes you want this vibe, sometimes you want that vibe.

Having said that, if I want to feed on the corruption in an area, that’s definitely a demon vibe for me. If I want to blast away corruption with overwhelming light, that’s more of an angel vibe for me. You can seize the corruption and re-form it to better suit your design, and you can blast away certain corruptions so that others arise. I like quotes too. “Others know that all power works through the manipulation of light.”

I’ll admit it is amusing though to tell someone that those things that monks do, yeah it’s actually kind of like that. It’s even more amusing to tell them that you are strong in the dark side, and to see a small, small amount of recognition in their eyes about what that means.

oh,i agree on things work through the manipulation of light,but which light?even heat is a kind of light. the color magenta for instance?doesnt exist,its something our brains come up with inplace of a part of the visible light spectrum because we cant conceive of it. now with life on earth being such a tiny part of the universe at large,i find it highly likely that there are many other things beyond our ability to understand lurking out there,ready to be studied by sufficiently opened minds

perhaps i shouldve said this first. my unorthodox practise has a more “cosmic” bent than most. two quotes i also enjoy:

“light banishes the dark,whether this is desired however,is another matter”

“we are explorers,in the furthest regions of human experience,demons to some,and angels to others”

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The light of fundamental, primordial, Source God-consciousness that continuously arises and passes away

i think you misunderstand what im getting at. what your speaking of is a more terrestrial duality based mechanism. what im speaking of deliberately breaks with duality.pushing the boundaries of conceptual possibility and embracing the twinges of possible madness that come with. there is something similar to a “first and last” type of entity in my strange (and still evolving) system,but the nature of it renders light “as a mistake,an afterthought.a warping of the great infinite brought about o nthe borders of wandering motes of non-existence” this is true even of black light.

one of my big ideas for the new system of dark attunement for the dark chakras is to make a cd’s worth of meditational music of my own creation.so that someone can meditate the whole cd and have there dark chakras finely tuned

I’m still new to all this and haven’t progressed so far to be knowledgeable in many of these practices, but you asked for unorthodox and an idea had come to me when reading of the sun/black sun variables of chakra work. My question/idea is what would occur if someone tried pulling in light from one direction and darkness at the same time from the opposite?


well,if i remember my schooling correctly. thesis and antithesis pulled to the same point merge with each other in a synthesis. which means in this case you can create chaos energy for your work,or push yourself towards a liberative gnosis

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Personally, I have no problem working with other types of energies and with the other spectrum of light.
But if you work mainly with certain spirits and you feel oriented towards certain spiritual paths and energies,and practice certain alchemies, blackening the chakras with the Black Light will be very useful.
Since as has already been said by many in various posts The Black Light contains within it the entire spectrum of ligth and any infinite potential, and it is very useful to be aware of this concept while saturating the chakras with the Black Light, as well as to concern oneself with removing personal blocks relating to the various chakras .
This practice over time allows you to unite the chakras into a single center.
I’ve also noticed that it often triggers lucid dreams even if it didn’t have the intent.
In addition to transforming your being, It makes it easier to contact certain spirits, energetic vampirism, work with certain energies, infernalize the chakras and awaken certain powers.

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so perhaps what you are getting at is that you wish to connect with the nothing that lies beneath all reality?

not quite.im seeking the great infinite and trying to remove the nothingness. ever looked up one of those super fancy diagrams of the big bang?the goal is the beggining of that diagram.a state of unitary hyper existence where all of the infinite, (of which our tiny part is nearly meaninglessly small) is a single point,of 0 dimensions,and indeterminate size. past present and future?meaningless there,duality?doesnt exist. in this singularity its immensity,(and density oddly enough) transcend mortal notions like quantity. yet much like the event horizon of a black hole,because we cannot rationalize or conceive of what we are seeing,our minds think of it as black. which isnt really all that accurate to begin with

take the apeirogon for instance. its a shape with “countably” infinite sides,hence you can start counting at one point,but youll never reach the end. if you were to see an apeirogon,all you would see is a flat circle,because your mind cannot rationalize such an object. yet if we look at the math?it becomes fairly obvious. this is why i think mathmatics have a place in my practise,numbers are the closest thing we have to the language of the first and the last.

as for the motes of nonexistence?no,the nonexistence is just that. nonexistence. this is why existence has a tendency to become infinitly compact (which is prefectly legitimate despite that being equivalent to infinitly compacting the infinite) around its borders.a good quote for this “nature abhors a vacuum,and will do its best to avoid it”. its a conceptually inverted penrose diagram

this is the first part of what is by now a 4 part manifest in a text file on my computer,and trust me,ive written the manifest in such a way that none of it will make much sense without all of the parts

"1. Taara Kaala (तारा काला)

The Black Star Chakra

Located beyond the third eye in the 4th spatial dimension, This serves as a point to anchor our etheric bodies to the higher dimensions, And eventually to Apeiron, or anant, itself. Likewise, this also creates a dark flow between the other Dark chakras and Apeiron, Linking everything together.

When one feels fractured, overwhelmed, Sick from forced happiness, one must imagine a line with two ends. One positive and one negative. Now imagine you are a dot on that line (Ostensibly wherever your current mood/energy places you). Realize that nothing unreal exists, and so it naturally follows that even transmutation must have something to stand on, and henceforth in order to switch from positive to negative, or the reverse, there must be a third end of that line, that we cannot see. Hold this thought in your mind and place all of your concentration upon this thought, and the existing impossibility of it. now imagine that dot, hence you, moving into that impossibility, and becoming one with it, thus becoming one with Apeiron through your black star chakra.

Activities you can do that enhance the black star chakra include, a meditation on your inner self. Reading of Lovecraftian or similar literature. Studying impossible geometry. Listening to unusual or experimental music. Watching cosmic horror movies. These are examples to lead you on the proper path, they serve to help nudge your spirit towards dark freedom that few can possibly realize, as it has an almost anti-mimetic nature, and listening to music with tones in the range of 165 to 255 Hz. (255 Hz, of course, is the best option out of that range)

Unblocking this chakra will Vastly expand your mind and consciousness, and at times allow you during meditation or dream walks (lucid dreaming) to perceive things outside and above our reality. This also has the happy side effect of making you impervious to tumult, drama, and intrigue as these things will no longer overwhelm you as they often do

Crystals For the Black Star:

Trinitite, Tektite, Libyan Desert Glass, Fulgurite, Impact Glass, Uranium Glass, Kharitonchiki, Black Jade, Black Amethyst, Obsidian, Black Ammonite, Black Opal, Onyx. And almost any kind of black gemstone can help, though the above list gives the most potent examples, which should be used whenever possible.

as can probably be guessed from the above guide, the colors and colors of things that go well with this chakra are mainly black

only problem is the song im making so far is for the third,i havent decided how the song for the first should go,any suggestions are highly welcome

That shouldn’t be so difficult if you know the normal ‘light’ chakras music theoretically speaking.

Just invert it.

Transcribe it backwards with low e replacing high e for example high replacing low and play all the sharps as flats and flats as sharps and then play the now inverted song. In other words reverse everything so transcribe the last note as the first and if it’s a high e change it to a low e at the same time and it the notes flat make it sharp but not changing the natural notes.

In theory doing that should result in music suited to your ‘dark chakras’ but as I never took music theory I could be wrong and because I never took theory I am not gonna be able to help you compose it, the best I can’t do is what I’ve done (suggest a starting point that should result in the effect you want).

So to sum up; I suggest trying to invert/reverse it, play backwards not forward, and invert flats to sharps and so on.

thats actually a pretty brilliant idea. an inversion to suit an opposite

i have a whole host of (admittedly inexpensive) instruments. a small harp,a violin,a harmonica,a couple of guitars,and i also like improvising with different objects for different sounds

with the song im making for the third dark chakra i found that a low note on the harmonica slowed down by about half made it sound like a massive trumpet

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Thanks and then I say go for it.

I’ve often thought about reversing/inverting music but never done it.

I think it’d sound very interesting though if a person did that. (Not to offend people who like things as they are the music purists but I’ve long thought it’d be cool to hear the Star Wars imperial March music backwards inverted or the national anthem or the opera Carmen inverted).

Add: though I suspect it might creep people out they’d feel they should know what it is but don’t and they’d feel it’s somehow wrong and get disturbed over it not knowing why. But I still think it’d be cool if someone did invert common musical pieces all the same (also why I like non politically correct musical artists like ICP, I like to see people get shaken out of their comfort zone and get rattled).

the next partition of the project is a tough one. im going to italisize the part im having trouble with:

"3. Chaah Syvayan (चाह स्वयं)

The “Self Will” Chakra

A wise man once said, “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” and indeed there is a lot of validity to this idea. This of course refers to one’s “true will”, which is etherically upstream from our consciousness in this reality. Think of it as a sort of “Super Self” (As if your super self is a higher dimensional being playing a videogame with you as a character, and think based on that point). This chakra physically is placed in the vertebrae of the spinal column In the lower back but also occupies a position in etheric space, a sort of “constant ripple” in the spatial fabric of etheric space which represents the impact of your true will.

As this Chakra mediates your “super self’s “ will upon this reality, your creativity, lust, passion, and basal emotions all flow from it. The result of your super self’s will inflecting upon this fractured world. When it is blocked, you feel lost, stuck in a rut in life. “Ennui” if you will (which is a feeling of tiredness combined with extremely painful boredom and dissatisfaction with life that results from simply being too well satisfied, weariness extending from a lack of change, excitement, and activity in life. Ergo, hopelessness from too much of a good thing).

Activities and things you can do to stabilize and unblock this chakra include, repetitions of positive affirmations related to the self, reading philosophy about the importance of self will (there are plenty of books out there on this, Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations, “the prince” by Machiavelli, just about anything by Cato the younger, the works of Epicurus, and the works of yang zhu. and of course, the various occult works of Alister Crowley ) power meditation (a type of meditation purpose-built to draw in and concentrate ambient energy into your chakras). Camping (camping in the wilderness with a bare minimum of provisions can help remove the modern Ennui from the Chakra). Taking a walk through a thunderstorm with lots of rain (umbrella discouraged but you can use one if you must, the sheer amount of energy in the thunder, lightning, and rain can sometimes reinvigorate the self will chakra), or simply getting yourself a gift you’ve wanted for a long time, and light/using an oil lamp (the strong flame and the light it casts helps to banish self-will sapping pockets of division in the ambient. this is generally why places lit chiefly by oil lamps always feel 150% better to be in energetically speaking. But even just having one lit during the daytime with the lights on can help a lot). And Listening to music with the tones of 666 Hz and/or 616 Hz.

Crystals for this chakra include: Black Malachite, Azurite-Malachite,quartz-malachite, arcanite,pyrite-malachite, alexandrite, ammolite,jeremjevite, red quartz, bloodstone quartz, all of these crystals and crystal combinations focus on enhancing the strength of self will, unlocking hidden parts of the self will (as in jeremjevite’s case) or making the connection of the self will more enduring under stress.

given the creative force of self will, the colors and colors of things that align with it are as many and varied as the stars in the sky. as the saying goes “if all colors are seen could be fit into a single point, that would be the color of the Chah Syvayan”

now while this conveys alot of the information im trying to put forth about the third one,i have two large problems with it and need ideas

  1. i did a little more looking into the thelemic concept of “true will” and it turns out its absolutely nothing like what im trying to describe. the idea of true will seems to be about acting in accordance with the flow of nature/universe. while my idea of “super self” is about a will in the void,that is so powerful it can will itself to exist through nothing more than will alone.

now the thing is my idea is that this super self will is like a node in the long chain of entity levels that makeup a person. and that the super self will sits just above the “irl you” node. and that for each node lower,the one above it has to will it into existence

  1. the entire peice looks like a disjointed ramble to me. i want to convey a sense of professionalism and knowledge in this peice,not the impression that im a teenager on a sugar rush

so again,style pointers and conceptual analysis + ideas are badly needed