A new idea: the dark chakras

and here is the willpower chant i need to work on,suggestions.

suggestions like invoked deitys,spirits,or demons that fit the bill

Primordial energy of the cosmos
your will is your being
as my will is my being
flow through me
as i flow through you
as we will ourselves to exist
your willpower fortifies me
as i ride on your back
carrying the truth of the cosmic scriptures
to enlighten other unreal wills
to exist
Vili and Ve
as you upheld the cosmos
when it was created
uphold my will
so that my self-willed existence
is inmutable
Romi Kumu
As i inhale the smoke from your gourd
Purge doubt and weakness,
from my body,mind,and soul
Unify my thoughts
and make my will clear
Goddess of the morning star
Place me on the path
of the first cosmic ray
so that i may find my way
to Absolute willpower
As your will brought forth the waters
of creation,bring forth my godhood
so that i may exist through my own
willpower,and conquer Apophis
As you are the judge of will
So i shall be the body of will
i shall carry you in my new
self created flesh,offering you a temple
from which to flow fourth into
the universe
embodiement of willpower
place within me the single
minded focus needed
to will myself into existence
Lend me the discipline and knowledge
that come with your presidence over hell
so that my willpower outside of existence
can make its own existence manifest