A Moth Looked At Me

So I was on a walk and this guy came flying towards me. It was weird but nothing too bad. I started walking again it flew and sat in front of me right there. Now this isn’t too weird, but I haven’t seen a moth like this in my area.

Oddly enough I was thinking of Belezebub and saying his name in my head. I was thinking of him because I was listening to Tenacious D but theats besides the point.

I’m wondering if there’s any meaning or if it could be a sign? Idk I usually don’t feel the need to take pics but I did…
It could be because I was sweaty and it was humid but also could be occult related. What do you think?


In street Figther Voice


'Tis a gorgeous moth. I like moths, moths are cool.

I think if you felt observed, you were. Seems like a good sign.


Wait who’s my rivial? The moth? Is the moth Belezebub? I can’t fight that force mannn. Cx


Im just messin with you man
I saw a moth the other day the exact same color

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He’s a beauty! <3 I don’t if he is an omen but I found a black feather in my yard last night. I should take a pic but no cam except my lousy flip phone, can’t upload from it.

That actually looks like a click beetle to me.

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The moth is the masculine symbol for chaos. It represents mystery and illusion or clearing illusion to see truth.


when i saw the title beelzebub popped on my mind too

I’m with @Faustus that’s definitely a click beetle. Cute little fucker but not a moth…sorry!


Ok, I looked it up - explains the lack of fluffy wings.

So it’s a gorgeous beetle. I like beetles, beetles are cool too - especially that one.
You could do a working to see if the Deva of click beetles has anything to say to you? Seems like you were invited.

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What is that? If I may ask?

It’s a view I adopted of how animal and nature spirits manifest in the physical, that each species has it’s own overlighting entity. Or it could perhaps be though of as an archetype.

I take it a bit further and feel that, in the same way humans are bits of Source, (because humans don’t have a Deva of humans - we are our own Deva’s in a way), a Deva is also a bit of source, on the level of a Duke or Archdaemon or thereabouts, and likewise each animal in that species is a bit of that Deva, combined with the physical animal into a gestalt unique being - in a parallel to how entities incarnate as human. And this is how animals, plants and insects have spirit and soul.

I was inspired along this path of thinking by Marko Pogacnik’s book, which can be used as a pathworking to get to know how to commune with Devas, including spirits of place. They very much want to work with humans, but unless you’re a gardener, or caretaker of land or animals, there won’t be so very much in common ground to talk about, they are of the Earth.