A message?

I was in a bad mood most of the day yesterday, just very irritable. I honestly had the urge to scream and break shit all day and kept thinking I just needed some alone time to get all the frustration out, but wasn’t in a position to have that. I tried to meditate after everyone went to sleep but couldn’t really shut my mind off at first, which I usually don’t have issues with. After I wound down a little bit, I was finally able to do so, and after a little bit, I got something along the lines of this: “There is great power in your emotions. Do not release them on activities that are not constructive. Do not let them go, but do not let them eat you alive. Grab ahold of them and use them to shift the energies of the universe in your favor.” Obviously that isn’t word for word after all these hours have come by, but it was something like that. I’m not totally sure who it came from, possibly Azazel since I’ve only worked with him so far.


It was an advice to you, possibly from Azazel.

I’ve met Him today, and He his “style” was very similar like in your case. His timing was great.

He just whispered to you because you needed, because He take care of you.


Yeah that’s a 100% spiritual message, I agree with that. Emotions are one of the most important powers in magick. Normally wasted by most people. We should know better!

That’s why meditation is important. Was good choice to practice it at times like that. It helps to monitor our thoughts and emotions, to break up the false identification with them. The first step in taking control and direct them the way we want, instead of the other way around.

I highly suggest you keep this message, write it down and remember it when you’re in a bad mood. Whoever sent that message to you, would appreciate it if you use it :slight_smile:


Oh I’ve already put it down in my book of shadows. I’m entirely grateful for the message and it honestly could not have come at a better time.


His Guidance is very close with most female deities: They want you to man up, get a hold of yourself and be independent. No lovey dovey shit. The meaning behind the words fits his personality. Sounds a bit too gentle for Azazel (not that he doesn’t have a gentle side), but yea this is the general Idea.


This came in a very neutral tone, not harsh but not necessarily like “there there sweet child” either. I only guess Azazel because I haven’t evoked any other entities before. I would like to know though just to thank them.

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Emotions are the tethers of our spiritual fringe. They can become strapped down to ideals, they can be wrapped up in idle pursuits.
They are a powerful extension of yourself therefore keep them guarded, redirected and focused especially when you find yourself with those days you want to set fire to the world just to watch it burn.:slight_smile:we all feel that way:)
That message was intended to remind you that YOU are your own dominion. Therefore your emotions ( the extension of your spiritual influence) are a strong tower, a weapon, a shield, and sword.
Take that message and soar with it! Well done!

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I really liked it and it really applied to what was going on…because I was just senselessly raging all day and honestly I should be holding onto that stuff and focusing it on my craft and manifesting my intent to become reality. It’s true…emotions are powerful and they do have the ability to shift things.

And for those emotions that are debilitating like fear, well, it is all about our perceptions .
Perceive threats and danger wth our physical senses, at times when the spiritual senses are being muted.
Spiritual sight is like the eagle above the tree line looking not only down at the events below, but fully ahead and fully behind.

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Learn how to move the energy out of you.



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Is this good for directing it somewhere specific or just moving it out of you in general?

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