A message from both lucifer, satan and the 6 about their identities and origins




My intuition is telling me that what you speak of is true.
In which case thank you.
I can’t help but feel what you told me is very important to me.

Just makes me wonder why they fell…?
And who is this god?


I’m wondering when this will happen. If I’m strong enough by the time it does happen, I’d love to help in any way


I asked Lucifer, King Paimon and I have also heard Thoth’s answer. They all said that it will happen when humans are ready to fight. As long as we aren’t strong enough and under control, there is no reason for the reptilians to try and kill us since they feed from our energy and so, they will stay hidden.


One thing I was taught by @Abythoth ,a magician in this forum is that ,sometimes its better to loose a fight to win the war .Am not saying this is what they did but from my own understanding I believe lack of organisation played a part in it .


Great , I love it when the spirits open up to give us insight .Let’s keep the infernal fire of knowledge burning .


A lot of things happened and there were only a few left who could fight. So they retreated. They knew that humanity would find its strength again and they will help when the time comes.


The unity I saw was profound but it surprised me not to see Azazel or behemoth in this ritual.Not sure why .
They are high up the hierarchy


They could be focusing on something else. I’m not the one who can answer that XD


I’m very curious.
Just who is this God?

It’s not YHWH, I think it’s too weak.
It’s not Source, because Source is just Source.

Is it the God that’s above all the Angels, even Metatron? I recall from another thread that there is a true “God” very different from Yahweh (as Yahweh didn’t create the angels, which makes me believe that he didn’t create this supposed being).


The Demiurge maybe? The one that allegedly made the dense physical world and trapped and blinded us all in it for it’s own benefit, if you go for Gnostic explanations.


Maybe Elohim?


I do have one question that I’d love your input on.

Why do so many things state that the Sumerian Gods where the Reptians that our in control of use? I defiantly see these beings behind the curtain pulling the strings, but as I see it most the ancient Gods aka demons we’re those Sumerian Gods.

So how to know that they arnt one in the same?

Thank you !


It’s really wierd indeed…There was a war between the Sumerian gods. So, it’s really hard to tell what really happened in the end. Of course, we all know about the defeat of Tiamat (which isn’t good for us), but many other things happened, that we still don’t know. But I could talk with you about it once I find some free time later, over PMing!

I do have knowledge on the matter that I could share with you, but nothing is 100% certain when it comes to these spirits!


True! But still I believe finding the truth and exposing it is the best thing for humanity.

Thank you !! Always great insight !


if you’re really right with that,
i need to have a talk with my old mentor, bearheart.
He loved hunting and killing Reptilians,
so he’ll enjoy working with us.

On the other hand, if he’s around he pretty surely knows what’s going on.




He probably already knows and he has already joined us XD


yeah, it’s still strange for me to hear imortals to worry about a fight.
Odd feeling.




Are we referring to the archetype as the 6 demons of the bible?

Those are Cain, Nero, Judas, Legion, Bael, and Belial.

Edit :
It does change Bael to Lucifer and Belial to Satan depending on what religion you ask / read about.


Who is this God who is powerful enough to do all these