A Magick Man

A few weeks ago I was seeing Balam and Azazel and some more demons merged into one big demon with horns.

When I spoke with @DarkestKnight about it he suggested that it sounds like meta demon.

While this meta demon was around … I started seeing an unknown magician…he seemed to be underground or in a cave. He was in a circle much like a universal circle but the writting or markings were in white.

He was trying to talk to me but the meta demon got between us. And said she’s already been hurt enough. We are not letting another magician hurt her. And Azazel broke away from the meta demon to stand beside me.

But the magician was persistent and kept pleading. So the meta demon said that if he could prove himself then he could work with me.

Several days past and I forgot about it but then, while I was with lucifuge, the magician again appears. And the meta demon appeared again. At first they wouldn’t let him close. But then he said something and the meta demon and lucifuge, said it was up to me.

Well, I’m always curious about things so I wanted to learn more so I said it was ok.

The I saw the magician in the cave again. But he had a whole coven with him. He says there are over 1000 of them all together some in different locations.
He was wearing a black robe that was open in the front and he wears a medallion around his neck. At first I couldn’t see it clearly but then it came into focus better. It seems to be two entwined serpents.

The other members are cloaked and hidden but I see them.

I’ve seen the one magicians face and eyes and I think I know his name.

I was there in the cave a couple of times, the last time they were all holding a serpent …

There is an altar about waist high … There is something on it kinda like an urn but the stand is hold and the vessel is white.

They always work their magick together, they focus together.

It feels like this magician is trying to make a deal or a pact.

Well, this is what I have experienced. I seem to be there alot now, if I’m not with Lucifuge.


What is that? Demons merge into one being? I have never heard of this concept.


Yes they can.


I’m bumping this to see if anyone has any knowledge or information about this magician or coven.

If it needs to be kept private its ok to pm me.





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Never experienced something like that.
Keep bumping people :neutral_face:

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Thank you guys for bumping this for me. Hoefully, someone will come along with some information.


I have no information, love, so I cannot help :disappointed_relieved:


Aww its ok. :heart:


Maybe they know who he actually is

maybe they do

i personally dont like this scent of super sentinent cloak party occult.

maybe i could get invited there one day so i could tell them what i think


not bad try.

Oh look it’s the official balg troll, do they pay you?


I’m sure they do I know who he is. I just want more information. I’d like to speak with him.


maybe he likes hiding.


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Maybe you’re being initiated into a secret coven