A Little Strange: Adultery and Cheating

Probably a little strange, but here it goes:

I want to entice someone to commit adultery/cheat/whatever you want to call it. I do not want them to do so with me. Let me make that very clear.

The person I wish to influence is completely down on himself about his health, looks, mental state, you name it and he can rip it apart if it’s about him. He is in a difficult situation and is already on the fence with considering divorce.

I wish for him to go out and have a great time with someone, anyone. Him finding someone he loves and cares for and someone giving him the love and care he deserves would be ideal.

I have been trying to instill him with confidence and reassure him, however he finds a reason to continue to doubt. I know he used to sleep around early in his marriage and am hoping a magickal boost will help.

As I said, he’s not adverse to cheating or committing adultery. But his inner negative self keeps him from trying anything. I short, I want to get my friend laid.

I’m not sure if I should look into entities that instill confidence, charm, good looks, or entities that govern love or lust. If anyone can provide a little insight, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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If he’s not married then it’s not adultery, if he’s not in a relationship then he’s not cheating. It’s not about what to call it, it’s about understanding what you’re talking about.

As far as I understand you just want him to have sex. If this is the case then I suggest entities that govern lust and sexual desires… not love or relationships.


Hi Jollix,

Glad to see you care so much about your friend. If he’s contemplating divorce and has self doubts I see nothing wrong with you helping your friend out.

Doesn’t matter what you call it, no one judges here. What did you have in mind and whats your magickal experience?


I’m marginally well at Spare-style sigils, candle magick, and have managed to make contact with entities with some successful results.

I was thinking of reaching out to an entity, perhaps with a petition and personal concern of my friend to seal the petition to him. I also thought of working a candle inscribed with intent and asking it to be blessed by the same entity to supplement, as well as boost his self-esteem and mental attitude.

Perhaps a general boost of luck to the entire situation. Honestly, I’m ready to throw everything at it.

Did youhave anything in mind?

Thank you. I’ll start making comparison notes on different entities to find the best course of action.

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Put a sigil of Beleth on a piece of A4 (8.5 x 11’) paper. Beleth has 2 sigils: one to bring the love of women, another to bring the love of men.

On top of that, put a white penis candle. Carve your friend’s name into it with a needle. Anoint the candle with Kiss Me Now oil if your guy just wants one-night stands, or Come To Me oil if he wants a certain someone.

It would really help if you had a personal item of the guy, like a photo or even better yet his dirty drawers. Cut out the crotch part to use that. Or you could get some of his nail clippings, hair, blood, or semen, that would be ideal for this. Either way, put any of those in a small paper envelope and put under the candle.

Light the candle, conjure Beleth, and tell the djinn to bring your guy enough women to satisfy him.

See how that goes and report back when something happens.

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