A little help with vampirism

Hi all! I am still new to all this, but I would like to know more about vampirism. How do I start? How do you learn this and how long it takes to master this? Any advice/direction is very welcomed! Thanks you!


With the Grimoire of Tiamat from Asenath Mason
The entities of the Grimoire will help you transmute your auric fields and chakras. Working with Naamah, Lilith, Ereshkigal and Eisheth Zenunim will empower that pathworking.


Thank you. Do you know where can I find this Grimoire?

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Well for me now i must say . I work with theses Exercises from V.k. Blogs.and Satanias human Soul to Vampire Video.

For the beginner it is pretty Good.

And if you type in the search engine of BALG you will get plenty of helpfull results for that matter… I am sure of that.


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Thank you

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also the books by Father Sebastiaan

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Sebastian Todd aka Father Sebastian is someone you want to avoid. His books are complete plagiarism/rip offs of other works, and he is a cult leader. You do not want to be involved with anything that has to do with him.

Look into predatory vampirism, there’s also the Asetian Bible.

A Vampire is made, not born. This making comes from direct and personal contact with the Undead Gods. The original and correct purpose of all magical ritual is to attract and meet with the Undead in the sacred act of Vampiric Communion.

The gatherings for Vampiric Communion have always drawn the human aspirants as well as Those Who Have Risen to remote and isolated settings and shall continue to do so until the end of the world.

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This is both true and untrue, a vampire is both/either/or.


Yes you’re right I think there would be those born with very specific and different energy systems to where they must “receive” their energy from things that have abundance of it.

If someone is born lacking a certain energy input, he or she will most likely grow to use their technique to gain vitality. It’s a very subtle thing I suppose. Take care!

Vampires are not lacking in anything. I assume you are referring to psychic vampires here. The theory that psi vamps have a broken energy system is simply untrue. Vampires just have a need for something more in their diet to remain healthy.

True psychic vampires, as well as true Sanguine vampires, are a different race. There are some humans who have vampiric ancestry who exhibit some traits and abilities that their vampiric ancestors have.

True vampires are born, and there’s this glorified image of what vampires are, and people who get into the idea that they want to be something more than what they are. Turning in this day and age is something you’re not going to come across.

There is a big difference between vampiric energy manipulation and being a true vampire. Anyone can learn to use energy manipulation, but not just anyone is in reality a vampire in any way shape or form.

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I am mostly interested on how to work with this energy, how to attack someone spirtually. I need to know what to start with.
Thank you

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So what does that make it then?

P.s thank you for the response, very informative.

Yes I want to know about the vampiric energy manipulation. Where do I start with that? Thank you

can you elaborate on your question, please? I’m not sure what you are asking.

I’d recommend starting with basic energy manipulation exercises. Learn how to create chi/ki/psi/energy balls. It’s a very basic technique that you can get pretty advanced with later on. Learn how to feel energy, and learn what different energies feel/taste/look/smell/etc like.

There very much are psi vampires with damaged energy systems. The distinction of “true vampire” and “fake vampire” makes no real sense when it’s really just psi vampire, sanguine vampire, and the vampire by race is more of a soul thing that the person can physically develop psi of sang or even both tendencies.
That’s the only real distinction between a race of vampire and one that is vampyre by means of energy system damage. So it really just becomes an argument over semantics of condition.

Clearly, you don’t have much experience with vampires. There’s a lot more than what you find floating round on the internet.

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