A little help please?

So, I keep looking through the forums but I can’t seem to find an answer. I have a glass of water sitting on my altar, it’s just a normal one. I’m still trying to figure out who to call, I can’t decide if Santa Muerte or Lucifer, and it keeps filling up with bubbles with no explanation, what does that mean? Thank you!

Suppressed air making its way to the atmosphere with the form of bubbles? :joy::joy::joy:
That is one thing.
Another scenario would be that it’s carbon water.
As for the magickal aspect… I have no idea. To me, it’s nothing. But maybe I’m wrong.


I thought of all the logical explanations and tried to explain it away. It’s spring water.

If the water is dedicated to the presence of the Lady of the Shadow of Death, it means those bubbles that her request for which she was placed was received, in her approval and that is a typical signal that occurs at the acceptance of Your divinity It is as if I were saying:

  • I received your request
  • Wait for my help with certainty
  • You will see in abundance what you requested be patient!
  • It is definitely a good omen that typical signal from experience I tell you

Thank you so much! I did ask for her presence, while offering it to her, and I asked her for help with something! That’s when it started bubbling out of nowhere.

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Oh nice.

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On the other hand, write down that lesson she has given you, so that you know her manifestation will not be the first time she or he will give you that kind of visible manifestation of her power, you will surely do it often!

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