A little help here?

So, Lately I’ve been seeing the suffering so many are going through. I feel a bit like Siddhartha when he stepped out of the palace that day. I’ve helped many of you individually possibly even over a hundred of you I’ve lost count. But more keep coming sharing their heart ache, their sadness, their disappointment in their workings and I know I can do more I really feel it in my bones. And seeing so many like this in this state I know I’m not doing enough.
I mean obviously I know magick and a bunch of other random shit too. I can write and I can write about magick but I just don’t know where to start. I feel overwhelmed and my thoughts disorganized. I feel like there’s so much to teach and so much interconnecting info and like the spiderweb of information is too large and vast to even begin to explain it. I don’t know how to organize the chaos and lay it out in a way that someone who’s never pondered the mechanics of the universe let alone the deep gnosis of the fabric of reality could use in a practical way. Or even make sense of.

I’m supposed to be the guy with the answers but I’m at a loss. I’m overwhelmed I’ve stretched myself too thin. I’m not used to asking for help I’m the one who does the helping. I’m supposed to be the tip of the spear, the general who fights at the front, the leader who’s followers have to run to keep up with. I feel like I’m missing something simple and obvious. Every time I sit down to write a book I get lost in the info there’s too much and I don’t know where to begin. I start writing things out and then I realize I have to explain and elaborate and each sentence becomes a book of its own. How do I consolidate it? How do I narrow it down? How do I bring the information in order so it clicks as the reader follows it along?

I’ve written stories, screenplays, instructions and all kinds of things why can’t I do this? Why is my mind all of the sudden so scattered like broken windsheild glass on the freeway? How do I give these concepts form and structure and place them in some sort of chronological order? People need me and I feel like I’m failing them. What is this simple and obvious thing I’m missing? I’m so lost in the forrest I cant see it through the trees.

I got so wrapped up in being a living god I guess I had forgotten that I was human.


For your other stuff I have no vital answers but I might have a practical advise:
if you feel that you’ll go into a subject that needs explaination and elaboration much, do a mindmap of it. You can scribble down all the things that seem to be vital to explain for NOW and you can narrow it down once you realised that you can leave out some parts. After that only work with whats left on the map to explain and nothing more. Its really handy to visualize the whole extent you THINK you want to write down before you actually write it down.


But know that you, also, are loved, infinitely, and without conditionality, because I say so! :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no absolution, there is only Love

There is no condemnation, there is only Love


Let’s give it 5 years, and see where we’re at. :+1:


Yes this :point_up_2: practical advice, thank you. I’ve gotten so flustered and I knew there was something simple and obvious I wasn’t seeing. This is exactly the kind of thing I need right now when my head is like a teenager’s messy room that needs cleaned. Much appreciated.


Thank you that certainly helps calm me down a bit.


On that note…a program/app that would help is Evermore. I use it daily, but it basically is a note taking app, that allows you to tag and categorize different notes for different subjects. I find it very useful for planning out things…and it allows you to organize your thoughts. I highly recommend it if you don’t use it already


Thanks and I did have a note taking app and went and downloaded a mind mapping app and thanks to the help of all of you I am well on my way to writing this book.


yup. before i even read other’s post. I was thinking of mind map. Pictures method . It helps the structure and organizing of categories. It makes you think like a file cabinet. Each subject have their own cabinet and each folder their own ideas. And you can move one ideas around when your see the structure using mind maps.


I would advise just begin by getting information out on a media you want to use the form and order of things may come more smoothly once you have made a beginning. Once the initial momentum is begun ya can built of it.

Some good examples of this on youtube

Start with basic info and built into more complicated subjects, offers audio programs with specialized subject matter.


Has gone from podcasts to video lessons, lectures and live Q&As , self made books, dvd and programs.

Uncle birch

Teaches on his channel and goes more in depth on his own teaching program and makes and sells occult supplies from his store.


One common thread from all 3 is a chunk of the time they pick a subject they are drawn to an just talk about it until something else needs to be addressed or it builds onto a related subject.


Hi there I am back, sort of. As well as late “to the party” - at any rate regarding this;

In some ways I can relate I have a few unfinished projects I am catching up to. But a bit of advice that I’ve found helped when I feel like I 've had no grip of the situation or don’t know where to start is this; try to narrow your writing to an overall theme, the most essential component of what you want to convey, the linchpin if you will, what is the bearing idea or theme (it can be one or even two things) you want to convey? Finish that up, and then add more stuff that relates to that theme.

Here’s an example; if I would write a book on Hecate - I’d perhaps start to present why I am writing a book about and its purpose and what its hopes to achieve. Then I’d present some history perhaps or how I even got the idea or how to book came to be, then get into the specific workings that I discovered working with the goddess. Finally, I would perhaps present some applications of the workings and then finish it off with some further notes of where I am heading towards as a result of this undertaking.

So pick a topic you feel is the most essential and expand aupon that, and before you do try to set up a framework, one such way is exactly like @A_Pariah has already said.

Good luck, and you are at the front lines for a reason never lose that spark of yours, these days people like you are very much needed.


Honestly write those ideas down then once your head is clear go back to that book and you will be able to pour your heart out you won’t be able til you clear your mind rho

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As I already said in another thread, outlines really help here.


Relax and breath, one step at a time. Let the thoughts come to you when the time is right, this is a beautiful journey. At times you may feel like losing your mind, slow deep breaths and relax :slight_smile:
I felt like i was losing my mind a month ish ago but then it all came together.

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Oh my… Ground.


Thank you so much everyone, I’m focused and rocking it out. Molten metal falling from the sky!

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