A little confusion

Well i am working on a Layer Spell and for that

i have choosen

these 2 books …these 2 books are totally different when it comes to evocation method / petition method

soo my question is … is it okay if i use a method from AOW book for couple of layers and for the remaining layers use DOM method

will the angels and demon understand by themselves that it is a layer spell and they have to work together ??


Yes, this is not a problem.

Angels and demons are the same kind of entity - imo - viewed through the lens of xtianity for political reasons not spirital ones. I call them all daemons or entities, which is greek for “spririts”.

The dichotomy is fake, meant to keep us from working with all gods other than the one approved for monotheistic worship.


Use whatever book you want,both If desire. Both Daemons and Angel’s can be extremely helpful and able to work together just keep in mind they also have emotional aspects of themselves and desires of their own :heart:

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A desire of their own meaning -

Its upto them to accept or reject if they want to work with US ???

Yeah your plan is fine.

I’ve heard great things about the ‘Magickal Attack’ book by Gordon Winterfield too… the ‘Master Curse’ in particular, it’s like a 30 day ritual.

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Yeah its in my To-Read list … i have that book
I just completed reading Goetia Pathworking

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Good read, very simple, hit or miss with a lot of people though.

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Any recommendations ?

I’m honestly not sure where people go wrong. Maybe it’s lack of visualization skills.


Well the author says if you want more money visualise yourself wealthy

but if a man doesn’t have money to pay house rent and is asking a spiritual energy to help …its really difficult to visualise yourself wealthy


I disagree, it’s really easy to summon up the feelings of how relived you would be if you didn’t have to worry about those things. How amazing it would be to do that thing you always wanted to do. Go on the dream vacation, have a certain luxury item. It’s pretty damn easy to fantasize about things you’d do with wealth.


If you don’t find it easy to jump right to the end goal visualising and playing yourself in the role with the feelings that match

Jump to a first step nearer… and keep jumping till you get there

People forget you can also break it down with feeling your results yet consistently talk about layering magick :sweat_smile:

Whenever I do a working with more than one ritual I will make note of the ultimate end result that I want to manifest before I do the first ritual. I write this down in my journal. I keep this intent in mind when summoning each spirit and preparing each ritual so that every spirit is clear on what I am summoning them for.

Similarly, I will note things that I do not want. I like to keep my requests open without being so general that they don’t really do anything. So for example, if I want an enemy to be confused, I will ask for confusion and let the spirit figure out how to do that while telling the spirit things I’d rather not happen. This way the results will manifest without causing undesirable side effects. Sometimes you can’t avoid some side effects, especially when you are dealing with chaos, but this helps.

Also, be wary of excessive amounts of rituals. If someone’s already dead stabbing them again isn’t going to anything except perhaps amuse you. Do what is required, no more, and no less. There are demons in DoM that can assist with divination and wisdom so that you know what to do.

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Twelve days actually, and very effective. It is one I will likely keep in my Magical toolbox until the end of my days. Beautifully layered as is but I am sure it can be adapted. It uses both angels and demons, although the demons are more of the focus.


Well i haven’t read his work … his name popped up when i was researching about Pathworkings
i will check him out once i finish out some other books

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I can vouch for “Magickal Attack.” It’s some thorough cursing.


Well , i need to ask one more thing

in layer spell if we have perform 2nd layer then 3rd layer (obviously)

but if the 3rd layers job is easy than 2nd layer … will the demon perform it before the 2nd layer or it wait till the previous task is completed by other demon
and how will it know if the other demon has completed it task

and if 2nd layer is really important for 3rd layer but the other demon perform it as its what we asked for

can this be a reason for failed spell ? or failed ritual
as we don’t know what went wrong

also if we dont want to face this issue … or take precautions … should we mention this to demon while we evoke / invoke / petition


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Yes. Any entity can potentially get along and work with with another entity. The whole BS about angels and demons being enemies is well…BS. Sure some specific individuals might not get along - but that’s a different matter.

The only issue would come with whatever angel and demon you choose to work with - together. Whether or not their particular energies mix well together - and with the working.

I view angels and demons as two different types of entities. However I know everyone has a different viewpoint.


Well i have structured the spell in such a way that …the powers / abilities of angels and demons wont clash

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Okay, cool :+1:

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