A idea for all us practioners

ah…maybe i misunderstood then. if you have a set goal and know what your trying to bring through. that might work alot better. :slight_smile:


I’m a have to stockpile on shoelaces. Enslave the rest of the parasites lol.

But on a serious note, good luck with the rite.

Hmm… maybe we can do this… let’s maybe… start a thread, and at th time of we can all task spirit and lend our energy?

We can perhaps set a time. Upload a pic of our work space and I dunno… post what we experienced after an hour?

I was planning to open a big fuck-off portal in the sky?

For specific spirit/s.


First, I’m going to calculate the EXACT date/moment of Samhain, if you’re thinking “It’s October 31st every year moron!” read this:

[quote] Pagan religions on the other hand are an entirely different matter. For example, do you really think that the ancient Brits spent a thousand years or so building and perfecting Stonehenge so that they could isolate the exact moment of the summer solstice, only then to decide “hey! let’s hold the celebration on Monday instead so we can have a three day holiday?”

Of course not. These holidays, as are all pagan holidays, celebrated according to nature’s schedule. Because of this, many pagan cultures throughout time and from around the world quite often developed similar celebrations, held on the same days.

Which brings us to All Hallow’s Eve, or Halloween. Or even Hallow’een to be precise in our brevity. It’s generally agreed that Halloween stems from the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain, which is one of the quarter holidays, meaning it’s celebrated halfway between two other holidays, in this case the fall equinox and the winter solstice.

Is it really necessary that pagans celebrate Samhain on the correct date? To determine that, we need to understand what Halloween, or Samhain all about. According to Wikipedia, which waxes somewhat poetic on this, “Samhain (like Beltane) was seen as a time when the ‘door’ to the Otherworld opened enough for the souls of the dead, and other beings such as fairies, to come into our world.”

… Like Christians dully mumbling their call and response prayers on Sunday, with about half as much enthusiasm as they put into the Pledge of Allegiance, paganism seems to be lacking in energy, in soul, in short – in magic. And how can it be otherwise, when people reschedule their Samhain rituals for the preceding Saturday night because it’s more convenient for the coven. “I know Auntie Flo wants to come through from the other side, but darn it, Wednesday night the kid has violin lessons and I’ve got to be up and out by 5 a.m. for my spin class. Maybe she can come through on Saturday instead, if I write her a note?”

So yes, the date is important. Which is what totally boggles the mind when it comes to Halloween. It was so obvious, that I feel incredibly stupid that it took me till this week to notice it. Halloween can’t fall on the same day each year, because the equinox and solstice fall on different days each year.[/quote]


Then I’m going to see what that tells me.

Then I’m going to contribute it to this thread, fwiw.


Okay so Samhain is 19:15 UTC on Monday 6th November evening or later for all folks east, 2.15pm NYC, and earlier still for all points west.

Don’t know if that changes things for anyone, I have some ideas - start the ball rolling at 19:15 (7.15pm) for the first member east of the dateline to want to be involved, choosing a constellation or star we can all locate (chances of seeing it are slimmer in northern Europe due to clouds), then follow it round so we each get an evening shot at our 19:15, using the same link depending on who’s south of the Equator?


Oh hell year XD

Exactly at least someone gets it

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Not really. Unless I have been largely misinformed for the better part of my life, LHP is about personal ascension using the principles of personal freedom and personal choice. What you are suggesting takes that choice away from many, unbidden, and on a level that is the absolute definition of spiritual dictatorship, no matter how pure your intentions are. While I agree that most boundaries are made to be broken, this one could effect those who are not capable of making that choice, chiefly children. Consider this perspective, please, before you engage on such a course.


I have considered it many times, and the more people whining about it and are hiding behind the same old foolish excuses for not doing it shows it’s what’s really needed. if the pearl clutchers don’t want any part in it, find just stay out of the way of those of us who wish to bring a higher form of “Freedom and personal choice” to this world. :imp:

It’s also their freedom to remain ignorant.

It’s really not foolish someone could get hurt by that.


Seems people are little unsure about this idea now, but if it’s still going ahead then I’ll happily pitch in


As far as I know this is about bringing the power of magick through, using CHOSEN spirits?

Children already do “magical thinking” (psychological definition) which is why many of us here got started before the age of 10, and the fact that gets literally or metaphorically beaten out of them is why so many newbie magicians who are adults run into problems. So, anyway, they’re the least likely to have psychic shock over the possibility of the powers of magick becoming that bit stronger on this plane.

Ask any child if they’d like to be able to do magick, and the answer is unlikely to be NO. :wink:


The idea for change is and have always been scary to people. That’s why demons and summoning of all in between has intrigued me so much. It’s scary and thus I concluded from my life experience that it’s the right path to follow.


I’m beginning to suspect the closer the date comes the more this working will resemble the E.A. Koetting/golden dawn argument, and that’s fine, it’s good to find out where you really stand on things like this, But i will be in contact many times before then with the four Demonic Gatekeepers to make sure any attempts at sabotage or counter workings won’t go as planned for any who feel like trying that, fair warning. :wink: :skull_crossbones:

Honestly it’s not that I would stop you it’s more along the lines of me trying to show you the possible consequences. I’d really divine on this before taking any action.

If magick wasn’t natural, children wouldn’t engage in magical thinking, and magic (no “k”) wouldn’t be such a popular topic for kid’s books, far more so really than mainstream adult fiction, where it usually only crops up under horror genres.

This isn’t about doing something to people, it’s about preventing something from being taken away from them.


Actually, it will.

See, these things have specific timings for a reason. People don’t choose when the Earth evolves, Earth chooses when the Earth evolves. The spirits that protect and monitor the Earth, as well as the ones that rule it, are what is preventing things such as an apocalypse-level scenario from occurring, for not only do they have allies and friends among people, but incarnations.

To say nothing of the spirits of stagnation, ignorance, and the like, which would fight tooth and nail to stop such an event.

The “Demonic Kings” simply aren’t strong enough to hold that kind of assault, not even close.

I wish you participants the best of luck.


Been at war with them for ages babe. :wink:


Nagathex, i understand full well the consequences of what COULD happen, i just don’t let the fear of it get in my way.

Velotak, That very much remains to be seen, i also think it’s full of shit and hides interior motives, but nevertheless, i thank you for your worthy opinion about it.