A hypno vid brought me the guy down stairs

I “accidentally” watched a bit of one of those hypno vids (WARNING, stay away, murky waters ahead!) and this one had a satanic sigil overlay in the vid, and him…speaking. Later that night I got visited by the guy in an unpleasant dream. Same deep, guttural voice. laughing at me.
Even those vids work apparently. And that just from a quick look.

The gay world seems less than enthused by it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Has anyone had the same expereince?

I don’t know how new this hypno vid thing is, I just found it. Seems it turns many peoples sexuality, at least that is what their unhappy support groups say. So, of course I had to check it out to see what it was. (WARNING, WARNING, murky waters ahead, danger, stay away!)

I am just mentioning it here as an interesting phenomenon. The guy downs stairs is not of interest to me, it would be more interesting to meet some other demon works this way. Have only seen one Lilith variant on YT before, but it wasn’t porn and I don’t think it worked really and of course you don’t know for sure what they put into subliminal binaurals. This was in porn vids though, so it is moving into that area now.

Link to porn site removed.

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I’m sorry, but porn is not allowed on this forum, so I have edited out your link.

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Lol. Beat me to it.

It’s also a commercial site, which is also against forum rules.

As far as dreams go, this sounds like a standard “reliving what you did in the day” dream.
Some people are just very weak minded and suggestible.

Working with Belial can help with that.

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Sorry, didn’t know. I wonder why the CIA hasn’t made a vid called “The 70 virgins of martyr heaven” filled with Christian subliminals and overlays and spread it in the muslim world. Or is it only Disney who does those large scale kind of projects? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I got visited by both Lilith and the Neter after working with Petrucelly’s books, so I guess it is also about who you create a connection to.