A great thanks to Pazuzu and his message

I gave thanks to Pazuzu since I had great results with a money spell and house sale request, and this is what his message was to me:
"I am a great and terrible God, before men thought of angels and of “god” they knew me, I protect, I give prowess and fertility, strength, virility, I protect humanity and I have a love for you because you have a link to me, to my reptilian self, you all do have part of me. To thank me is to know me, to recognize me, to bestow me. I will be here and always for you, give you physical goods and sexual powers, to protect you, your enemies will know me. All of these things Now and always…


Very powerful, Hail Pazuzu.


Hail Pazuzu, He is powerful, he is God.


Hail pazzuzu! However @Lady_Eva , doesn’t this actually belong in this thread instead?

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I mean no disrespect to OP, just want the topic in the right place.

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Awww this is beautiful ALL HAIL PAZUZU MIGHTY & POWERFUL


I did a ritual for money, invoking pazuzu. Well the loan i apply, is moving slow, but the guys are tryng, i have find for a month, a dollar bill a week. Its weird, and u may see too litle, im expecting a call tis week. To knw if im aproved for the loan. A small loan just to establish credit line ,mind i dnt have car, or assets to back up. In case i get behind payments, now, i will say hes helping me, etc but slowly, but we see tis weeknd, 4hanks pazuzu

Yesterday i got aproved for a very small loan. Like a week paycheck to establish credit i feel dizy, hungry. But i give pazuzus his mention since ritual was a successful. Thanks pazuzu.

Can you please share the spell ?

My enemy doesn’t know about Pazuzu

Hail Pazuzu !!!