A Gong Tau ritual (esoteric Taoism)

Found on this site.

The prime intention is to get that thing in life which one has been longing for desperately, but unfortunately one had been unsuccessful in attaining the same.

To start with, take hold of a vessel which is made of some earthen elements preferably clay, best of dark black in color.

Next you need to get hold of something which is directly related to the thing which you long for, a genetic or sympathetic link.

On the first day of a full moon, start with the rituals by getting hold of a white mouse. Keep this mouse directly under the rays of the full moon for 3 such full moon nights.

Fill the earthen vessel with water such that when you throw the mouse in, it should not be able to escape from it. Once you have the said quantity of water in the vessel, you would need to hold the mouse by the tail and drop it in the earthen vessel.

Hold a lit candle and let the light of the candle fall on the mouse when it fights for its life in desperation. Then start chanting these lines while looking directly in the eyes of the mouse (do this without blinking your eyes):

“Oh powers of universe here I beseech,
listen to this wounded heart weep,
take the life which struggles within
and in return get me (whatever you want to happen).

Say these lines with utter concentration for 7 nights afterward and you would see the powers of magic bringing impossible things to happen.

Such is the instruction.


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Let the mouse drown the first night? Or save it and repeat the process again for the 7 nights and let it drown at the end?

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