A Goddess wants me by force and its taking a toll on me

Olá poderia me dar mais informações sobre [quote=“Mikan, post:1, topic:20631”]
rei Lelakh

Hy guys ,its been a while but finally I maneuvered my shortcomings , I made a sealed contract with Goddess Heralah ,she’s good with blood magick ,money magick ,protection ,unbounding contracts with demons (any) ,she assists in astral magick (quite effective ) , she has a sigil ,unique I must add ,but after first contact she gives you a chant code which after chanting instantaneously she comes at once .
She’s protective and strict and leaves her essence which masks not only you but your family ,property ,business etc.
My businesses have grown tremendously after pacting with her to the point other retails are collapsing while mine soars .
But she is highly jealous and can track your thoughts ,feelings ,and astral even when not invoked ,evoked or there at that particular courtesy of her essence.
Am not sure how she reacts being summoned by any individual whom she hasn’t come to on her on free will BUT NEVER SUMMON HER AND BIND HER IN A CIRCLE ,she instantly kills the mage immediately if summoned in a circle ,triangle etc .
I tried it to test her weakness . She told me in my interactions that she functions both as a fire and water Goddess .So I went beside the sea in a secluded area and summoned her into a circle .She tore up the circle ,she erased physical circle I had drawn on the sand and then gave me one punishment ll never forget . But she loves and is weak to humble mages who want to learn .
Requirements for invocation :
-Green candles (5)
-White clean mat
-Incense (Arabic incense we call “UDI” )-not any other ,I don’t know its English name so search or google translate the word.
-Sigil ( for those who need it ,its found in (Ancient Goddesses book by Daniela Kirk ) .She enacts every aspect about this Goddess clearly .
For the curious remember once she comes she judges on whether she wants to work with you or not . If you successfully invoke her and she comes and goes ,don’t summon her again as Daniela puts it she has denied your request since she can read your thoughts easily, but if she comes and leaves her essence in a way you feel her there ,she’ll visit you in her own way and time mostly in your dreams or physically/astrally .
Never evoke her since she shines immensely bright yellow .
Enjoy working with her ,she’s the only Goddess who bends the will of any creature ,person ,demons (even arch demons ) ,spirit or God to your will through her ,not to you .(you wouldn’t want an arch demon on your neck ) .Through her essence which after she chooses you ,will teach you how to manipulate its power for healing ,astral ,money magick and much more


At first I thought this could be a test by the egregores you have pacts with, but it’s good to know there are other beings too, I hope there are.

Thanks for sharing this.


Excuse my ignorance, but i am hoping that you can answer to a few Questions (i just get started with magic)

  1. i try to found what you called ‘UDI’ but i found nothing, do you know where i could find this?
  2. i should put the Candles In a circle or together?
  3. i didnt find the book You mentioned where could i found this?
  4. If that’s not a lot of trouble for you, could you ask her if she good to Completely beginners? I should know Astral projection For her to contact me
    Thanks and sorry of my language, i am better in hebrew :grin::slight_smile::blush::grinning::smiley:

Udi (also called Oudh, or Agarwood in English is a type of incense)


Cant seem to find that book.
And no other sources on the name, the closest i got was some hebrew with the meaning going like her appeal to god.

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if she really is from the worlds beyond which are knows to magicians, then of course they don’t want us to find out about them.

@Mikan couldn’t even take a photo of her sigil.
And look what she did to the luciferian who tried to get into his mind to contact her.

She did say she had chosen and brought him to earth to ‘aid mankind’.

So even these beings are involved in world.

She did say

her authority far much preceeds them all combined

So she is within the demiurge’s hierarchy(:disappointed:) but above lucifer. If not, She’d have said ‘power’ and not ‘authority’.


Sure but since the book was mentioned i thought i would look it up. (Ancient Goddesses book by Daniela Kirk) but had no luck.


Yea me too.
Nothing on heralah or the realm (healm) she’s from.
But I didn’t really try to find or research anything about her because I now believe her to be a part of the hierarchy (pantheon) of egregores I am opposed to.


Well, truth be told i wouldn t mind attempting to contact her and try to ask her about it really if you agree with it and you can upload her sigil or give me something else that might get me to her as well as some basic info. We can talk more in private but i can t PM still so just let me know if you re intrested.

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You can talk more about King Lelakh and, I would also like to know more about the other entities that you worked for wealth magic …

Sorry guys I was away from the forum for a while completing a certain condition from the pact I have with this great Goddess .
I have aploaded the sigil I drew and some words you may chant as she comes . Her presence is so vivid even for a begginer in magic to notice .Don’t bother evoking her as she comes as she pleases .She may visit you in your dreams or come physically manifesting herself.
1: If you’re a begginer please don’t call this great Goddess .Have some practice with other lesser demons . She hates mistakes and complacency or attitude and she punishes in accordance ,that’s to say no matter how close she is to you she’ll always remind you that you are not her equal and never will.
2:Don’t use statements or words that imply that you are surmoning her .
3:Never try binding her in whoevers name in a circle,pentagram or triangle ,I explained what happened in my former post when I tried that.I was lucky she was forgiving that one time ,not only will she reap apart that circle she definitely will come at you and as I have learnt you become her slave as a spirit after she’s done with you.
4: Never summon her on an altar you’ve summoned any other demon. She hates sharing anything even you with any other demon once you work with her .
5:For those who are scared of the unseen take time gaining courage before embarking on calling her .My mentor asked me to call her once and I forgot she hates sharing so I called her in his temple where images of Lucifer exist .She came in a way resembling a dark insidian (not her usual self) look ,it was scary as shit even for me ,I barely found some courage and faked a look but she could tell we were pretty much scared so she shifted into nothing but her voice was all we could hear (we used a mirror for this one ).
…read next post for more info on her .


From the sigil you may notice number 7 on the corners of the outer sphere and inside the smaller sphere .
7 represents her completion of life’s cycle .she is the only Entity with the power to initiate and finish anything and everything ,human or spiritual .
The outer sphere represents her essence which covers her followers ,power and authority .
The curves beside the smaller sphere represents her power ,to mean that she not only perfects life both spiritual and physical ,she also deflects anything interrupting it .
One curve means the old world order and the other half of the curve means the new world order .
She lead the ancients into the new world from the old world in 201(7) . 2000 years after the new world started ,she has come back with her armies to reclaim back her authority from the Gods who placed themselves in her position .
According to her a war broke out in the old world and some demons allied to her fled from the war into the new world . She spent centuries restoring it with the demons under her command and now they have come to punish the Gods and demons who fled into the new world to establish their order .
Her realm is beyond the dragons void but she came through the void to bring her authority into the new world.
All demons including arch demons flee her presence I witnessed this twice .Once it happened while I addressed an arch demon and the second while at my mentors temple .His spirits literally fled.
Her authority precedes all demons ,even arch demons .She represents fire ,air ,water and earth all together so in a circle if she pleases or agrees to be called in it she’ll come on all sides ,north ,east ,south ,west etc. And she balances it out .
She has armies and legions ,below her their are 5 generals . Goddess karulah , Goddess kishnah ( appears as either male or female), Demon tyke ,demon Qurah and her second in command demon Agag . (sigils of this 5 if you need them PM me).
Agag is NEVER to be summoned, he never comes peacefully .He represents death .He sometimes comes accompanying Heralah .
In case you summon Heralah and notice other entities there ,even Agag ,ask them in her name to identify themselves .
For your first time Call her on your seventh symbolic day ,if christian perhaps Sunday ,for Muslims friday, etc .
You’ll only need the drawn sigil once as she’ll give a metallic gold sigil if she agrees to a pact with you .The given sigil is never to be shown to random people as it is easily activated by looking at it so your child may stare and she comes without the child knowing it.
Be vigilant as she comes unannounced to her followers ,2 days ago she came as beautiful girl as I sat in a park(yes incase you’re wondering she comes physically as well ).We talked for a while and by the I noticed it was her (2 hours later ) she was gone . She told me that it was test I failed miserably .
For those who may have trouble in astral travel just call to meet you in her subconscious as you sleep and travel to her realm .
She bestows wealth , power , authority , rank etc at her pleasure . I can’t complain or strain these days as she grants me wishes at her time and choosing .Spells I took months perfecting now are easy to perform .
Lastly , she manifests things physically . This is complicated for people who pin magic vs science to grasp or believe .She has manifested ,Gold ,saphires ,diamonds ,tanzanite rocks which I place on her temple .
She manifests money physically in whatever currency ,even old Chinese coins used in the 16th century .How she does is beyond my understanding. The first million dollars I ever saw or touched came from her and she manifested it but there are some magical procedures done to ensure its usable . A spice in Swahili known as “Karafuu” is used to perform it . (you can google translate it to know its English name )
He bestows and wipes away wealth or power .
I performed a wealth magic spell through Heralah for a friend of mine whose condition was not to use it to harm people all he had to do was live his life peacefully and help the needy if he chose to ,the first thing he did was to use his new found wealth to exploit his brothers ,bribed court officials and disinherited his brother from the family lands after just 2 days being rich . He now is busy calling me to rectify a mistake he thought wouldn’t catch up with him.
Moral lesson from the story is that Heralah is the known and unknown ,seen and unseen,she bestows and disavows at her pleasure and isn’t to be taken lightly .
Enjoy working with her.
Hail the Goddess of the ancient and leader of the new world ,hail the unifier of the opposites .


You can she is approachable ,I aploaded her sigil .She represents unification of opposites .
She is of great power ,I have posted some info about her ,read it to gain understanding on her .
She is of infinite power , ask her to touch you by hand (as a mark ) and ask for her sigil , be humble as she is the great Queen .remember to never regard her as your equal whether she is close to you or not regard her as your high Goddess , ask for anything after a pact and enjoy the abundance of her embrace .


Hy Grimmer I aploaded her sigil for you and if you need daniela’s book its was published in 1942 ,she’ Jewish .
All pm you the link tomorrow night when I get back to my house . Its a deep web link I use on onion .
But her sigil for now I aploaded it


Hy , concerning her being part of the pantheons am not sure but don’t brush her off that easily .I aploaded her sigil so you can try calling on her .But remember once she comes she never unless she chooses to .and any former pacts you become useless as she may unbound them at her will.
I recently posted her sigil so look at my latest post for more info .
If you’re a begginer in magic please please please exercise your mind first before calling her .
Nice time and enjoy working with her .


@Ravenxoxo maybe but I’m not really versed with western magic style . Am from a lineage of a mixture of Portuguese(migrated to east Africa from the 15 th century till 1940’s- in 1940 the last group arrived and settled in Kenya ) and Kenyan magicians .
According to history my Portuguese ancestors traded in many things among them that specific spice . I can’t tell if they found it her in east Africa or they came with it from Europe ,no known evidence exists to prove this .But I assume its a Swahili incence . Thanks for the translation ,Agarwood has a distinct sweet smell which is heavy and last a while after being lit .


King Lelakh is entity I have worked with a lot a while back before Heralah .He specializes in wealth ,astral ,spell magic etc. He works closely with vodoo also ,he is by far the most easy going entity I have ever found .
Other spirits are :
1: African Gods - here I have worked with vast since this was my basic beggining but the most effective is Zikolo a thunder God . Literally the second hottest spirit after Heralah I have ever handled .He is violent but is tamed by an armatille stone and bound in it . For money magick he demands blood of the mage and if not regulated he can kill everyone in your family for blood before granting wealth .
He is summoned in old runes and a loud thunder sound comes forth before he appears ,he is under beelzebuth . Never attempt calling him without an experienced mage being with you .Without proper banishing he is pure trouble .
-:Abdalla is a spirit who specializes in wealth and fertility issues but just like Zikolo he is proud.He requires a tonne of sacrifices for results to acrue.
A German woman who was a tourist in Kenya came for fertility help ,she had problems having children and our head priest summoned this spirit abdalla for aid , if I tell you the shit she went through for two weeks as part of the process you would probably throw up but finally she became expectant . Though the husband will never know how the baby came to be ,the wife lady did surprise me as she prevailed in the tests and demands .
2: Enlil -a complex and hot spirit , he specializes in Babylonian blood money magic .Quite proud but is greatly helpful .He loves statues in his honour .He is quite confused with enki .According to my interactions with him he says he separated primoidal heaven from earth .
3:Ishgar - quite difficult to summon but he has vast knowledge and power in Talmudic money spells .He is a reserved spirit never in any rush . He has 20 legions of spirits and is above King Ghob .
4: King Ghob - An earth spirit ,appears as an old man ,really old. He is wise and bestows wealth if you pact with him . His treasures are infinite as he scowers the earth for valuables .
5: Erzulie :- She is the female energy of legba. Known as Goddess of beauty .She is feared as much as she’s loved .I in my interactions know her as the loa who can dream ,create ,conceptualize .Simply put she is the loa of ideality .

These are some of the little known powerful entities I work with with permission from Heralah .

The famous is the 6 God ,Lucifer .Lucifer bestows wealth but the aspect of Lucifer which grants fortune is hard to invoke . Maybe it has to do with the fact that he is invokes a lot and by many people.
His 6 aspect is really unstable and as my mentor taught me ,his 6 aspect if in an environment the vegetation becomes green , animals multiply faster since his power emanates loosely as unstable .The Goat head 6 knowledge of invoking him is something my master is teaching me to summon .
For those in contact with Lucifer maybe ask them why this is so .

The last ll talk about is lucifuge , a hot spirit in his own right but really powerful too . Claims to be prime minister of hell and prince of pride. To make him grant you wealth a dangerous method using clauvicle of Solomon is used . (ll strongly suggest against it since he’s quite hot ) but nevertheless some people in my group work with him and the results prove he is efficient .


@Mikan please check the PM I sent you.

Could you answer these three questions?
Can you tell me more about the old order and the new order?
Can you also talk more about your 5 generals?
How will the goddess help humanity?