A Goddess wants me by force and its taking a toll on me

Hy guys ,am new here .
Am Mikan and I have been practicing wealth magick ,astral travel and much more for about 1 year now .
As I write this am desperately in need of advice and HELP !!!
A Goddess by the name Heralah who resides in a realm above Thaumiel (not to mean she’s powerful than Lucifer but above is more of physical/location pointer ) name Healm contacted me in my wanderings astrally .
At first I didn’t take it seriously as I thought it was a figment of my thoughts as no known realm is know past Thaumiel only the void a mistake many magicians make(the are thousands of kingdoms I’ve met astrally some not so welcoming - a word to the wise make sure you have a powerful demon on your side before embarking on these journeys) .On my second encounter with her several days later she came physically/astrally in this plane as I was seated drinking a soda at joint in my local town in a way that my dog could see her but other people couldn’t and asked me why I ignored her call and request to visit her kingdom ,she did warn me though that she’ll force me to go with her if I didn’t take her request seriously .Again I rebuffed her request as that night I was eager to go back astrally to Dor ,a realm I visit quit often and its King Lelakh whom I work with in my magic a lot .
As I was busy cooking that night I felt my soul snatched by force in a way she pulled me out of my body ,shut my mental defenses to a degree I couldn’t contact Lelakh or any of the demon /angels I work with for help.
She became a huge eagle put me on her back and the next thing I remember we were in her realm .Its like nothing I’ve ever seen in all my journeys ,the opulence ,splendour ,magnificent cities ,the architecture was just amazing ,the natural green and yellow lands ,her subjects .She for the most is by my knowledge the wealthiest spirit I’ve ever encountered far more than Thaumiel itself .Her palace make’s any other including King Lelakh’s look lame .
She asked me ,sorry commanded me to relinquish all my pacts with Lelakh ,lucifuge ,including those with other kings and Goddesses I work with ,in return she promised me that should I forfeit all pacts and work with her she’ll bend over to my will any spirit whatsoever I chose and ensure no consequence would follow me .She promised riches in abundance beyond my imagination .Power to strengthen my mind ,to bend time ,nature ,will and everything except her .
As tempting as the offer was I couldn’t dare even think of screwing the demons I work with over ,I mean 12 Arch demons hunting me will surely royally screw me for walking out of the pacts .
So my question is does anyone know this Goddess because she has cut contact with every demon ,God ,Goddess I worked with and my attempt to call a high ranking demon for help when she was away ended up with the demon coming and running away soon as it recognised her essence (I want mention the demon’s name for obvious reasons ),
Please please please!!! I need help !!!She clearly is feared by high ranking dukes ,prince’/as ,Kings … and she clearly will not take no for an answer and tonight as every night she come’s to take me astrally by force .astral travel when done a lot consecutively harms the mind but she seems not bothered until I agree to her terms .
Please respected magicians HEEELLLPPPP me !!!
( no jokers!!! and am not schizophrenic ,not insane or any of that bullshit )


All magicians who have met her please help me stop her ,she manifests physically if she pleases and insists that she planned my birth into this world from past lifetimes that I have lived and brought me to earth to be her aid in the development of mankind .She says she chose and anointed me 600 years ago and its been her grand plan for centuries (FYI . I never knew people lived in former lifetimes )
Her essence is so strong that I can vividly see her visions of centuries ,her dreams ,the depths of her power which is infinite, dark but radiant .She has connected herself to me but her power seems to be challenged by my will which is independent so until I agree she can’t force me .
I’ve tried uploading her sigil which I woke up with beside me at my room but the phone can’t capture the image .
Caution-For mages who might try to contact me astrally ,DON’T ,I REPEAT DON’T TRYY IT .
she’ll easily identify you . She killed an experienced luciferian with 24 years of practice in draconian current for trying to get into my mind to get to her .
Pleeeease what should I do


Damn man.

I think the best option would be diplomacy.

Perhaps ask her to mask her essence so that you can talk with all the demons you have pacts with, to see what they have to say about this situation, and perhaps come to some terms with them?

Literally, explain to her the situation you are in, that you value loyalty and that you do not want to suddenly betray the demons you are already working with, and that you want to hear from your valued advisors before making any life changing decisions.

Since you mentioned that the offer is tempting but that your pacts with other demons are stopping you, this should allow you to work things out, and perhaps even accept her offer without all of your allies being angry with you.

It really seems to me that diplomacy is the only thing you can do - and for that to work, you need to be able to talk to your allies without scaring them. Hence, asking her to mask her essence.


Hy Fire thanks for the advice ,well your option is great but their is one problem to it and Big.

1:The moment all show her that she can just come in and run my life over just as any other spirit she’ll get used to it and misuse that privilege greatly .
2: Its more of a question ,have you encountered this Goddess Heralah ?if so do you communicate with her ?
3: Have you ever had of any demon greater than Lucifer ?
Through seeing her visions and memories I’ve learnt that their are other worlds ,people who are not under Lucifer’s dominion with great if not greater power .

And yes I asked her to mask her essence so that I can talk to other spirits I work with but she insists that I agree to her demands first as her authority far much preceeds them all combined .I am afraid of the unknown so to speak .


Hmmm… Then how about trying to renegotiate the deal? I get a feeling that you are interested in her offer, but don’t want to give up your freedom and your allies.

Sadly, no, I never heard of her.

I know of a few that might rival Lucifer, but I don’t actively work with them.

Hmmm… She’s definitely pushing you a lot, but you are in charge of your life. Don’t forget that, even if she is crazily powerful.

Perhaps you could try having a sort of meeting with her and all your allies present, to see where you can get?

If your allies are afraid of her essence, perhaps by calling to them with her there would instill a sense of “I must be there” in them?


Your phone can’t capture the image? :slight_smile:

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@Abythoth I know how that sounds ,that’s why I put it out there for anyone with a similar scenario to advise .
Plus in cases where arch demons are literally running away after arriving in an evocation its new to me but mostly its of concern to me .
For the first ever after 3 callings of Lucifer in an evocation he failed to show up .
Why ??? How ??? Are they afraid ???if so should blindly pact with her before knowing her well something she is insisting


Hmm, Will you meet with her tonight?

@Abythoth its as I said ,it can’t capture the image ,her essence is engulfing me so much am sometimes loosing focus and I find her memories flooding in ,
Have you encountered her ? If so do you recommend a pact with her ?

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Nah, The only known goddess I have the pleasure of meeting in the Astral is Hel

She just came,smiled and went. I had no idea goddesses can force people into working for them.

A good fighter knows when to surrender and fight another day
You must lose this fight to win it

I recommend a pact with her on one condition - I can’t speak of it
I do have an idea. :thinking: Will you meet with her tonight?


Highly likely she’s coming as am loosing sleep (its nightime over here) and bouts of loss of time and her essence is growing every minute .

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Good. I will PM you.

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Ohh, dang it. You got to much of my curiosity🐐


Abythoth, do msg me this too, as I’m also in the same position as him.


An entity is forcing you to work with them/sign a pact?
A god/goddess?

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I’d rather we talk in pm

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PM me ,I’d also love to share an idea with you on healing magick

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yeah, goddesses can be pushy… i know from experience. but dont just discard a possible relationship that could lead to your empowerment. find out EXACTLY what she wants from you and what you will get in return. i dont advise making enemies of rouge goddesses, their power lies in emotion and more unseen forces in the universe, better to be friends or lovers than enemies. dont let a bit of fear get in the way of your path…which this entity is clearly on.


also, do NOT discard that stuff about past lives. i myself was a child sacrificed on an altar on the day of my birth in a past life. i have used that relationship greatly to my advantage.


This is so interesting. Please share details of your progress when you can!