A gift from King Paimon for all

Ok I’ve been working with King Paimon exclusively for awhile now and he keeps teaching and showing me new things. I’ll elaborate more in the future but this is a very potent curse that he gave to me to combat someone that is literally coming at you in every way possible…
This is what you will need to cast this spell for it’s maximum effect.
1- cow tounge
1-medium size jar
Human urine
Human ashes
A foot of black ribbon
13 rusty nails
Graveyard dirt
Bees wax
A pic of the person

First take the cow tounge and twist it with the picture wrapped on the inside of the twist. When that is done take the nails and hammer them through the tounge until all nails are gone. Take the black ribbon and wrap it around the tounge and tie it off with a solid knot that won’t come undone. This knot is very important as it will kind of represent the binding of your victims tougne for all time.
Place the tounge in the jar then add the human urine and ashes along with the graveyard dirt. Put the lid on the jar and seal it with beeswax so it wont come open. When you are satisfied that everything is done to your liking take the tequila and spit it all over the jar.
Remember while you are doing all of this to keep the person in your mind and feed all of your hate and malicious intent in the fore front of your mind. Anything that this person has done to hurt you or a loved one feed it back to them with your very essence of hate.
When you are done find a place where you can place this so it won’t be disturbed at all. If you want to bury this you can but I’ll leave that up to you. Just make sure it’s in a place that it won’t get broke open. Now leave it and watch your best of your worst happen to that person and all they love.
Just take care and don’t use this for just any wrong this is for when you want the absolute worst to happen with no remorse or care for the person or what happens to them.
This is a little gift from King Paimon and for those who are serious about their magick.


Thank you for sharing this :slight_smile:

It’s a gift from King Paimon like i said and a spell one needs for that time when all else fails.


Thanks for sharing!

There’s a video of E.A. doing this, with a week old rotting cow tongue from a few years ago. It’s intense and one of my fave videos. I think he buried it but I can’t recall.

Tip - a cow tongue is very large, you’ll need a gallon mason jar I’d say.

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This one is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Me thinks I won’t be able to get some of these ingredients via Prime. :thinking: Still it sounds worth exploring. Thanks mucho.

Interesting curse. Not sure where one would stumble on human ashes though. Not exactly something I can pick up off eBay or something


Unless you have a key to an abandoned crematorium, human ash might be hard to come by…


That says “URL signature expired”… Was it the cow tongue curse vid? :slight_smile:
Ok lemme get off my butt and go find it…

Is it me or can I smell that from here? :rofl:

Trying again!

Here’s the link typed: (https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1843838135714938)

Hope people can access that as well :slight_smile:

Oh right. Facebook link… My internet connection speed is rubbish right now but I think it’s the same vid. Yay I got it right! lol

Fun fact: in the UK cows tongue in aspic is a rather yummy deli meat. My late dad used to love it in sandwiches. This video therefore makes me think of my dad’s sandwiches. Not good for building the mood, I know, but I think it’s cute. :joy:

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I love cow tongue, since I am english I always had it on sandwiches LOL. You brought back amazing memories, now I live in america I am going to buy and cook one.

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Same! I’ve been in NJ for way too long. Chippies and pubs are what I miss the most.

That is the first time seeing that video yes they are very similar i think the only difference is the human ashes but basicly the same…

Hi :slight_smile: just chiming in, you can purchase cow tongue “lengua” at Hispanic markets in the meat section. It makes for absolutely delicious tacos, if anyone was wondering. Thanks for the curse. Respectfully :black_heart:

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