A general discussion on Reptilians

Hi, there isn’t much information on reptilian out there. Has anyone seen the interview of David Icke and Arizona Wilder where she talks about performing satanic rituals where people would shapeshift into reptilian and eat humans. Also Alex collier, an Andromeda contáct also talks about reptilian eating humans. Could anyone comment on this. Thank you.

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Politics is prohibited on this forum so please refrain from any discussion of political figures being aliens, performing rituals, or eating humans. Otherwise, this topic will be removed.

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OK, can we talk about the 9 demonic kings being reptilians of the white caste with is royalty among reptilian?

No politics, period.

Yes, you can discuss spirits being aliens or whatever, but stay away from any political conspiracy nonsense about this or that public figure being one. I have edited out the names in your main post.


I don’t agree that this is the case. I believe they are non incarnate ascended, and a couple are the highest level ascended, ie dieities. but you should ask them for yourself as I have and get your own upg that works for your worldview.

Imo The rest are a mix. And no, we can’t talk about it here. Most people here don’t know what this means though, and it doesnt impact magickal work… you’ll have a better chance of having a good conversation about this on forums like abovetopsecret, paranormalis, farsight forum, or maybe reddit.