A forum got hacked

I don’t see anywhere else to post this but a forum I check often has been hacked and it is similar to this forum, about occult. I pity the people who hacked the forum, don’t they know who they must be messing with? :laughing:

What would they get out of hacking a forum run by few kind people!


Eh that probably wouldn’t be something id worry about. We have our own special spirit buddy attached to this forum.


That is really comforting!

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what’s his/her/they’s name?

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I don’t know if I can post the forum’s name here may be against the rules.

No, no, no! I meant the name of the spirit buddy whose protecting this forum :laughing:

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It’s Wizardforums, they have different software to us, and are community run, I have placed a notification for any members who find this and want a quick place to chill and swap details with each other, without having to do intros as such - the Evocationmagic.com forums went down a few years ago and both WF and here did simialr.


Is that the name of the demon protecting the forum?! I was expecting something more Latin or Semitic…


^ That’s the topic I started, WF members who want to use that thread are welcome, if anyone is on both forums spread the word to anyone you know that you have a reception bay here, will try to accomodate you as far as reasonable for as long as needed, it’s a horrible shock when your home forum just vanishes.


He chose it himself.

If you get curious and evoke him please do share :grinning:


I will tell you what they get…Is called data collection…aka identity fraud. That costs very much if you sell it at companies.

i dunno i think Xa Turing that internet god

This is a different Being we are speaking of here.

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