A formal apology to all BALG members, still here or not - hope this reaches those not here

Hi all,

I suffer from a couple ailments (degenerative disc disorder, epilepsy), and have four psychiatric disorders. Needless to say, jobs have and housing as well - a revolving door for me.
Add to this I spent my life trying to be in I.T., studied Computer Science, burned myself out in my Junior year, went on to work for fifteen years in the field, only to now be shunned. Since then its been minimum wage and a few bouts of homelessness.
Luckily I have a job atm, but have had several complaints against my performance.
Luckily I have a place, but owe 4k in back rent due to covid and minimum wage.
So, as you can see, I was entirely frustrated, particularly two psychotic breaks in one year added to all this.
Ive lost friends and family to suicide, cancer and other lovely things.
I was raised in a Baptist house, and tried to be a good Christian for several years - until person after person treated me horribly, leaving me with a wtf state and a fear of death and hell if I retaliate.
Now I am on the Celtic path, still trying core shamanism, and elemental magic.

I really dont know what else to say at this point, my fit was due to frustration of trying to reach spirits much like the chistian god, only to have to go through others despite trying to meditate, trying to hear and see spirits I thought of getting an etch a sketch.

So that is all where my frustration lied, being a joke of the town at that.

So, my sincere apologies to all affected. You are all great magicians and will be. As for me, time can only tell.




Thank you man! Look we want to help you if possible. Try and remember that we aren’t your enemy and that the spirits hear you even if you can’t hear them :heart: welcome back and I look forward to seeing you progress!


Thank you :slight_smile: I have contributed to WizardForums as well, and will port what I did there here. There are several great people there as well.


Welcome back, dude, hope you’re feeling better.


I am, thank you.


Welcome back


Thank you :slight_smile:

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@Nightside Welcome back

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I haven’t been on wizard forums in a long time. I didn’t really see much in the way of content there last I checked, but I could give it another go.

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Thanks Kish :slight_smile:
Jastiv, I think you should jump on there now as well as others … cant hurt to be on two forums after all, checked alt.magick and besides David, that forum appears to be deadish.
Kronus on there is about to release a 300 page book on the infernal Gods. I would get on there and talk with him to learn some good info. He knows his shit.

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To be clear, Kronus just joined WF not too long ago, not alt.magick. Usenet appears to be dead.

Welcome back. It’s good to see you around again and that you’re feeling better. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

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Great to see you back Fuego :wave:t5: Everyone has a story to tell & we’re all human so the only thing to do is leave the past in the past, focus on the here and now & work to change the future.


Thanks all, I truly regretted leaving BALG, lol, even kept trying to log back in within the past month.
I have kept a daily journal, whether or not I did any work in the given day. Will start transcribing/porting my paper notebooks into my journals here.

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Hey Fuego, nice to have you back. I hope you’re able to give magick another try. The forum is here to support your efforts


@Sacredblood_old, I saw your post and felt helpless. I did a silent prayer to Emperor Lucifer and King Paimon on their behalf. Glad to see it was stalemated.

Absolutely … thank you :slight_smile:

lol usenet, that’s a word i havn’t heard in a good minute XD

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I know, right? Last I knew five years ago there was a poster besides David, lol. I think David Dalton is the only one keeping that group alive.

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It’s good to see you back, Fuego.