A few deity questions

Too many search results make it hard to find if this was asked before so here goes

  1. if you connect with 1 pantheon over another does it indicate a past life connection with the pantheon?

  2. if you connect with 1 deity in a pantheon will you connect with their immediate family members in the pantheon too?

  3. Do deities understand cultural differences like if you weren’t raised with the knowledge and rituals connected with their pantheon do they understand if you approach them slightly differently from those from their original culture they are from that it’s because of a cultural difference and accept it as long as your respectful and duly reverent?

  4. if you connect with a certain deity will you connect with other similar deities in a different pantheon too? Deities with the same office or function or similar nature/personality ?

  5. Is the connection to one deity over another deity is it about personality or their office or something else connecting you?

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1: Not necessarily. Sometimes, it’s just because you like a character or story. For example, some people will start looking into a certain pantheon because they were featured in some form of modern media, like a movie, book, television or anime.

2: Again, not necessarily. It depends on each individual relationship with that deity.

3: Yes.

4: No. Having a relationship with a wealth deity in one pantheon does not mean you will have the same relationship with a wealth deity from another.

5: A connection could be due to many different factors and varies greatly by individual. While some might be drawn to a deity’s personality, for example, others might just really like their story or their office/specialty, etc.


I don’t see why it would. I would look for actual past like memories through regression to answer something like this.

Not in my (UPG) experience, no. I have past life memory of being a “priestess of Amun” (Egyptian) but I don’t really care about the rest of the Egyptian pantheon at all and some of them repel me (and they’re kind of meant to, you don’t get pally with Amit, probably).

They get it. Being human is hard and if you just talk to then it’s fine. They’re not luddites completely behind the times as you are not the only human they have been in contact with.

I guess if you want to and not if you don’t. I don’t.
I work with the Morrighan but I dislike the roughly-sort-of-similar Hecate, I don’t care about Hel, I can’t even think of others. I really don’t like the matchy matchy game and treat these as completely separate beings and any similarity is coincidental and pretty much irrelevant. Their personalities don’t match (for me) in any way.

I’d say it’s highly persona; and differs from person to person, entity to entity. You know what they say, “people are friends for a reason, a season, or a lifetime”. There’s no rule.