A dream of Djinn

Last night I had a dream I was on the phone going to call up a friend of mine. When the phone picked up on the other line it was not my friend.

It was a guy that sounded very handsome and well mannered. However when he started to talk to me he was talking in Aribic. After telling him politely I couldn’t understand him I hung up.

I returned to the table where my other friend was and he then got this serous concentration look on his face and said “He must be from the Western Tribe.” I then got this feeling he was talking about a group of Djinn. Any idea on this?

As usual you have to set with yourself and figure our what these things represent to you, and anything I could come up with will probably be wrong. This one also sounds heavily cultural so there could be nuances I would never think of, being culturally American/Euro/Anglo Saxon/Celtic.

If this was my dream though, the main element that stands out id this “You’re reaching out to a known entity you’ve met before… but you get someone else”:

And then there’s a bunch of details describing that someone else.

Could be a warning about impostors, or, there’s someone out there who wants to connect with you, and they’re of the Earth.

My last (and only) experience with a Djinn impostor was a genuine attempt to make contact with me that otherwise was not possible. Doing the wrong thing for but for the right reasons.

As well as the usual, mediate on the dream and go back into i to ask questions thing, you could look into working with Jinn and see if the study reveals more information for this path.

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I have worked lightly with them in the past but never got deep into it. The way my friend said about this person sounds like he knew where they came from.

Iv had dreams of different types of spirits from the Mid East talking in native tongue before probably because of my heavy past lives that I lived around there.

I am culturally Northern European mixed with a little bit of Native American and a dab of Italian from my fathers family. So to my knowledge I have no blood from that region.

I will continue to meditate on this but I won’t think to heavy on it.